How to place multi bets

Knowing how to choose the right type of bet to place can be very helpful. And be careful here, because the combined bets have a higher risk. If we are careless... bam! We will see our money disappear.

Combined bets can allow you to get a higher profit, but you have to gamble more. You know, the higher the risk, the higher the reward. 

That's why, in this article we are going to explain to you how the combined bets work, what they are and how to make the most of them with the best strategies. Spend a few minutes with us.

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What is a parlay bet

Easy peasy! It is a type of bet that allows several selections to be made, but which count for all purposes as a single bet. They are also known as "multiple bets", and their main attraction for players is that they can allow them to win a significant amount of money with a reduced investment.

The only requirement established to win the bet is to hit the nail on the head with all the predictions, not just one part.

But beware of betting more than you have! Always, always, ALWAYS keep your bankroll under control.

Let's get down to business. How does a multi bet work? Very simple: when making a prediction, you make several selections.

Imagine that we are watching the league matches and we want to make a bet with all the favorite teams of all the leagues. Well, we can combine the teams of the Spanish league, the Premier League and so on, in a single combined bet.

And, is there a limit of selections? In most bookies, yes, others directly put a limit on the odds. Mr. Green and AdmiralBet have a limit of 12 selections. Luckia, William Hill and Betway limit to 15. Versus puts the limit at 25 selections. And Betsson, although it actually tells you that it does not limit the number of selections, it prevents the odds from going beyond 1,000.

As always, keep in mind that the more selections, the higher the odds and the greater the risk.

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Placing a multi bet is quite simple, despite the huge number of options available to us. In just a few seconds you can set your preferences and select the events that will be part of your prediction. During the selection process you will see the odds increase as your selections increase.

Be careful not to confuse this with "Trixie" or system betting, which allows you to combine three different events, with the peculiarity that these three events are subdivided into four selections. They may have a certain relationship, but they are different things - don't get confused!

Multi betting strategy

You almost know everything about parlay betting! But be careful: it never hurts to be advised by the pros who dominate the betting scene. This way, your predictions, in addition to being well thought out, will have a chance to make a profit. Can you imagine how much money you can get for hitting the nail on the head with all your selections?

  • Avoid low odds. A higher odds is always associated with a higher risk, and that holds true in combination bets, but knowing how they work, you have to understand that high odds in multiple bets are normal, since you are making a multiple selection. Here the objective is to measure the odds with your bankroll to maintain the balance of your predictions. If there is a multiple bet that, after selection, offers a reduced odds, better ignore it because its potential reward will be low.
  • Do not include the same selection in 2 multiple bets. This is a "must". If you make several multiple bets, the golden rule is to diversify and, therefore, you should not mix selections you have made in other bets. Always spread out your picks and use picks that you have not chosen before. You will have a better chance of winning.
  • A good idea might be not to focus on a single tournamentNote, it is not essential, but in some cases, you could play this trick. Combined bets allow you to jump between competitions and leagues, and that helps to establish a cross-sectional forecast with several options. But if that's not your thing, "no problemo!"
  • Update your information. You should always be aware of withdrawals, rotations, substitutions and any changes. No matter how small.

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