What happens if I bet on a player and he doesn't play?

Unforeseen events happen, and the situation that players and teams are going through influences the outcome of the upcoming matches.

Any injury or temporary incapacity of any of the members can alter both the performance and dynamics of the teams and the betting predictions. This surprise factor, impossible to neutralize in sport, can have direct consequences on your chances of success, so it is important to know what to do in these cases.

What happens if a player is injured in a bet? When are we entitled to a refund? When are bets considered lost? Read on to find out.

I bet on a player and he doesn't play: what happens to my bet?

Some professional bettors use rigid structures in their bets to know which player to bet on, which results to choose and how often to calculate the number of times they can place their sports bets on a specific result. The use of mathematics and odds is vital in sports betting.

Now, what happens if I bet on a player and he doesn't play, can I complain to the bookmaker, or does my bet go ahead no matter what?

Normally, all bookmakers, when someone has bet on a particular player and in the end, he does not show up, receive a refund because the bet is automatically canceled.

But that only happens when the player has not played since minute one. What happens if the player has started to play, but then does not play? Is the bet cancelled as well?

We are sorry to say no. While it is true that a bet on a specific player is void and returned when a player does not play at any time during the match, in the event that the player does start the match but becomes unwell and withdraws from the match, you will lose your bet, because the player is considered to have been active for part of the match and therefore your bet was valid at the start of the event.

If a player does not play, will the bet be void?

Yes, if a player does not play, the bet is void, but only if he did not play any minutes of the match, i.e. he did not even participate in the event. In such cases, the bet is void and the bet money is refunded to the user.

In the case of players who do not play any match, but are called up, the bet is also lost if they do not end up playing, because they are considered participants in the competition as they have been called up for it, even if they have not been selected. This is an important factor when making your sports bets on continental or world cup matches. This happens, for example, with substitutes.

But beware: things change depending on the type of bet. A called-up player who does not play any match and who has been named top scorer in your bet means the loss of the bet, but if you place an over-under bet and that player is a substitute, even if it is a tournament or World Cup match, the bet is canceled and the money is refunded.

As you can see, there are several assumptions and different ways for bookmakers to act, depending on the circumstances surrounding the situation of the event and the player, as well as depending on the type of bet.

What happens if a player is injured on a bet

Unfortunately, in these cases the bet is lost. If a player has been active for part of the match, gets injured and is forced to sit on the bench, the bet is not considered void. Therefore, you will lose the money.

It is important, however, to know how each bookmaker treats these scenarios. Erroneously, it can be taken for granted what will be the procedure in case a player ends up not participating in the match, and any claim for ignorance of the rules will be inappropriate, since these cases are always reflected in the rules of each bookmaker, which should be consulted by all users and which, normally, they accept at the time of registration.

Although each bookmaker is free to choose how to approach the players' market, normally some bases are common in order not to be too intransigent towards the users, since they will always go to those bookmakers that have the most beneficial conditions in case an unforeseen event happens and a player ends up not being part of the event.

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