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How online gambling winnings are taxed: what you need to know

With the opening of the period of delivery of the draft of the Income Tax return, it is time to comply with the obligations with the tax authorities and to update the Spanish AEAT on our income.In the event that part of the money received during the previous year comes from online gambling, there are a series of aspects that must be taken into account in order to properly complete the return and check that the calculations handled by the Tax Authorities are correct.Next, we are going to devel...

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Bookmakers that do not limit: are there any in Spain?

Limitations are one of the main pitfalls that professional bettors have to overcome when making their predictions. We are talking about restrictions that are variable and depend on each bookmaker,...

What are chalk players in sports betting

Chalk players are players or users whose forecasts are based on always betting on the favorites. This is a type of user who is usually very conservative, always likes to play it safe and does not w...

Back, lay and layback: are they different or not?

In sports betting the concepts of "back" and "lay" usually go together and are associated with bets placed in one direction or the other. They are very common in matches where two teams compete, al...

Horse betting across the board: what are they and when are they used?

We are talking about a specific type of betting for horse racing that is characterized by referring to all possibilities. ATB horse betting, the acronym for Across The Board, is a type of betting t...
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