Multi betting odds: how to calculate them step by step

Although for some sports betting fans calculating odds is a bit boring, the truth is that there is a special charm in being an odds calculator. These are a fundamental part of sports betting and you can design your own methodology to carry out your predictions.

Having your own forecasts puts you in a much more advantageous position when it comes to placing your bets. Although at first it may seem an unattractive task, based on calculation and the use of numbers and formulas to measure the performance of a play, the perception changes when you compare how to bet with a prediction and how to bet without it.

Multi betting: what is the point of predictions?

Multi betting predictions are much more than a prediction of the outcome. They take into account not only the possible outcomes of a sports match: they also calculate in which market it is better to bet, which odds are more convenient and even which bookmaker is more convenient for you to bet on depending on which competition, tournament or match.

The usefulness of the forecasts is beyond doubt. However, the time needed to invest in training and the fact that it requires basic mathematical and calculation skills that not everyone wants to develop is something that inhibits many from trying to develop as a tipster. However, you should know that many bettors do not carry out this work alone.

There is a whole series of professional tipsters who make their living from sports betting. Many of the amateurs who want to have a forecast, but do not have the tools to develop it on their own, turn to them. However, you can have at your fingertips some data to carry out your own odds calculation. For example, the bookmakers themselves usually publish their odds and compare them with those of the rest, aware that practically all bettors will need this type of information when placing their bets.

However, it is convenient to go a step further. Knowing how to calculate your own predictions for parlay bets allows you to predict, quite accurately, which outcomes could decide any upcoming sporting event.

There are a number of factors that you need to take into account when placing your accumulator bets and having your predictions. And we are not just talking about comparing statistical results: we are also talking about forecasting losses, measuring the performance of the participating teams, their current position, winning and losing margins... even the weather can play a decisive role. All of these count and are variables to handle when making your own predictions.

Combined betting predictions: steps to calculate them

In reality, all the guidelines used in parlay betting and its predictions can be extrapolated to many other types of bets. Even single bets, where it is easier to calculate the winnings by simply multiplying the money on your bet by the selected odds.

Combinations are the real spice of the sports betting world. Making the leap from an amateur bettor focused on single bets, to become a professional and exploit all the possibilities of the combined bets, is a real step forward in the trajectory of every sports bettor. It is a universe apart, much richer and offering thousands of possibilities. It even offers the possibility of creating incredible plays on different events and with unequal odds.

What makes parlay betting so attractive is precisely that it allows you to select several events and play with the combinations, expanding the chances of winning a bigger prize. However, what makes the combined bets so interesting is precisely this duality between a higher volume of prizes with a higher risk of failing in the results. This, transferred to the subject at hand, means that there is a higher probability of making a mistake in our prediction. All this is what makes parlay bets so exciting.

Calculating the odds of a parlay bet requires accuracy, since in this type of betting you are required to get all the selections you made right. If you do not have much experience with this kind of betting, it is best to start with events in which there is a clear favorite, and later expand your range of events to include in your parlay bets.

Actually, calculating the possible winnings of a multi bet is very simple and you can achieve it by following a series of steps.

  • Set your bet. Choose the value of your bet within your possibilities. The higher the value, the higher the probability of winning a higher prize, but the higher the risk of deepening your losses if you don't guess the results.
  • Set the number of bets. You can choose the number of simultaneous bets that will be part of your multi-bet. Keep in mind that, in order to win a multi bet, all the results must be correct. A good option is to start with two and increase the number of bets as you set more ambitious goals.

  • Use a mathematical formula. Let's suppose you bet 20 euros in a combined bet on 3 soccer matches with odds of 1.60, 1.80 and 2.00 euros. You should follow the formula: bet value x odds 1 x odds 2 x odds 3. In this case, 20 x 1.60 x 1.80 x 2 = 115.20 euros. That is the value you could win on a bet with these values.

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