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If you are a poker player, you are interested in sports betting or you enjoy with casino games, this is your place. At www.habwin.com we keep you up to date about all the latest news and best gambling promotions.

One tip: participate in HabWin not only as a reader but as HabWinner, because if you decide to create your account with us you will get many advantages:

  1. The beast deals🔝 in a wide network of international rooms.
  2. Exclusive promotions and tournaments ♠️ with big prizespools to distribute only among our users.
  3. HabCoins to redeem💰 for any article of our online store ... the more you play, more HabCoins you will get!!
  4. Geolocated content 🌏 fitting our contents to the different regulations of game according to the country and always in two versions: English and Spanish.
  5. Individual attention 👤 solving your doubts at any time through our online chat and offering your reports and hands to download for free.


HabWin is composed of HabPoker, HabBets and HabCasino.
We are not a room, but a marketing agency for rooms and a consultant for players.
Choose your room, create your account with us and start earning more with HabWin!

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A frame of our history to know us better...

The project was born in 2009 under the name HabPoker, because at that time we worked exclusively with and for the poker player; but in 2014 we expanded our range of action. Now, through HabWin we also venture into the world of sports betting (HabBets) and casino games (HabCasino), with the purpose of offering our users a comprehensive gambling experience.

The initiative, which started from two professional poker players, has evolved over the years, to form a solid workforce with very varied profiles: from poker specialists to communication, marketing and commercial staff. In addition, we have recently integrated into the team poker our coaches and tipsters for sports betting. In this way, we complete the platform offering training and exclusive contents fitted to each user. 

HabWin has currently an extensive network of casual and professional players, who find in www.habwin.com a place to share their experience as gamblers. To enhance the synergies between them, we have expanded our presence in social networks. You can find us on FacebookTwitter, Google+, our Youtube Channel, through our website  and its online chat... Don't hesitate to be part of this great community of players, welcome to HabWin!


HabWin is a community of users interested in poker, casino and sports betting. When you create an account in any of our rooms, you receive many advantages. Keep reading and find out why you have to become HabWinner

1 | The best deals 🔝

Nowhere else they are going to offer you cashback levels as good as in HabWin. If you want to check it, just access the category that interests you (HabPokerHabBets or HabCasino) and go to Rooms section. We invite you to make a comparison between all the rooms we offer to choose the one that benefits you the most.

You can filter the rooms according to the network to which they belong (Partygaming, Winning, iPoker, ...) or the device from which you can play (iOs or Android for mobile and tablets and Mac or Windows for computers) At a glance, you could see the benefits we give in each room: VIP System, Welcome Bonus and HabCoins to buy in our online store. If you click on See promotions you will find not only the promotions of the room itself, but also our exclusive promotions for HabWinners our exclusive promotions (organized by HabWin and exclusive only for its users)

This is how we offer the list of rooms in HabWin, to make an easier comparison and choice:  

Comparativa salas poker

In our section "Rooms" you can compare the extra benefits
you receive in each room iwhen you create your account in HabWin

In HabWin we not only inform about the promotions of each room, but we come to agreements with the rooms to realize our own exclusive promotions and tournaments. Throughout these years we have organized countless events delivering more than €20K in exclusive prizes just for our users. The biggest benefit is that the prize pool is distributed only among our users, making it much easier to take part of the prize.

2 | Exclusive promotions and tournaments ♠️ 

In HabWin we not only inform about the promotions of each room, but we come to agreements with the rooms to realize our own exclusive promotions and tournaments. Throughout these years we have organized countless events delivering more than €20K in exclusive prizes just for our users. The biggest benefit is that the prize pool is distributed only among our users, making it much easier to take part of the prize.

Freeroll Winter Games Promociones exclusivas HabWin Partypoker Bwin Carrera de manos HabCoaching

Road to Las Vegas HabWin

  Sudaderas Movember

Camisetas porra HabBets

$100 every Sunday, a VIP pack valued at $2,000$ to WPT Las Vegas or a Real Madrid t-shirt. 
All this and more are exclusive prizes for our users.

For poker fans, we always have an active freeroll, but we also organize rake races and hand races. Qualifying with your account created through HabWin means earning more. We invite you to take a look at our rooms list and discover HabWin extras.

For sport followers we also organize sweepstakes or duels with our tipster, so you can win, among other prizes, shirts of your favorite teams. Do not miss this opportunity and become HabWinner today!

3 | HabCoins to redeem 💰

If you play with your account created through HabWin you not only get the usual benefits offered by the room, but we give you an extra: HabCoins. The HabCoins are our currency of exchange, with them you can buy in our online store, the HabStore. You can link with HabWin as many accounts as you like; the total of your HabCoins is equal to the sum of the HabCoins obtained in the different rooms where you have created your accounts. In your profile user you can verify if your accounts have been correctly linked to HabWin, when it's correctly linked there will be a green check. Also in your profile you will find the total of HabCoins you achieve.

Take a tour over our HabStore and discover the products you can get for free! We know what you like, so we have included in our store products you would like: technology, motor, sports,... Many brands already trust on HabWin: Fnac, Ikea, Zara, Just Eat, Game,... 

For poker players we have a special category where you could find poker coaching, specialised books, software, tournament tickets or VIP packages around the world. The more you play, more HabCoins you get!


Would you like to be part of the next CNP for free?
Get as HabCoins as you can and redeem them for your ticket to the next CNP
(the ticket is valued at €550) 

If you don't accumulate the HabCoins needed to buy a product, don't worry, you can always use the mixed option, with which you can pay part of the product with HabCoins and the rest in cash. We offer different ways to make the payments: bank transfer, credit card or Paypal. To get the best gifts totally free you will have to play a lot, but there are many gifts that you can get simply by registering in some rooms. The reward will be worth it!!

We remind you that the HabCoins are lifelong, it means that they have no expiration date, so you can redeem them whenever you want. In the section corresponding to each room you have the detailed information about when the HabCoins are updated. If you think you should have received HabCoins in any room and you have not received them, please contact us.

4 | Geolocated content 🌏 

As you already know, there are countries that have their own game regulations. For example, Spain is one of them and since 2011 the promotions of the rooms vary depending on whether you play from Spain or abroad. That is why finding the gambling content that fits your location is an arduous task. But do not worry, we fulfill this task: we adapt the contents according to the IP from which you connect and we show the promotions for your geographical area and its regulation.

Surf without fear on our website and you never have to ask if your account is valid for this or the other promotion. In addition, you will find all the content translated into Spanish and English, so www.habwin.com is fully bilingual to reach all our target.

5 | Individual attention 👤 

Although we also work for rooms as a marketing and promotion agency, our protagonist is you: the player. Whether you play poker, you are interested in sports betting or casino games, we are at your disposal to advise you in a personalized way. We are multiplatform, so you will not only find us through the contact form available on the web, but we are also at your service in social networks (FacebookTwitter, Google+, Youtube) and of course, in our online chat, as the most direct form of contact.

Sometimes it is difficult to contact rooms or to know what is the best tip for you at each game, but we are here to inform you in an individualized way. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us without any obligation.

Also in your user profile, you always have information about your game: reports, hands and HabCoins you win. You can check these data online or download them for free. We keep you updated on your movements in the game world.


If you have already decided to join HabWin, you only have one last step to start your HabWin experience: create your account with us. 

¿Cómo creo mi cuenta en HabWin?

1. Sign up in HabWin

Registrate en HabWinFirst of all you must create your account as a HabWin user. To do so, go to our registration area by clicking on 👤 in the upper right part of our website. Insert your information: email, nick, password, name, language... 

Before proceeding, check the data are correct. Accept the HabWin Privacy Policy and click on Save. Your HabWin account has been created!

3. Enjoy the benefits

Ventajas de jugar en HabWinOnce your account has been validated, download the room software, deposit and start playing. Since this moment, you will enjoy all the advantages of being HabWinner.

Remember that in your profile user you could check your reports, hands and HabCoins you win. Be informed about the promotions and tournaments checking the content in our website or if you prefer, read the news in your email because we will send you our newsletter.

Welcome to HabWin! 

2. Create your account

Elige tu salaGo to our room list within HabPoker, HabBets or HabCasino and choose the one that best fits your needs. In 24/48h we will validate your account so you can start playing.

You can create as many accounts as you want. If you want to insert different nicknames for each room, follow these steps:

  1. Insert your email and password to go to your account
  2. In the green submenu that appears under the main menu click on My Rooms
  3. Select in the category in which you want to create your new nick: HabPoker, HabBets or HabCasino
  4. Then click on Add new nickname and you will see all the rooms we have in the category you have chosen.
  5. Insert in the room or rooms where you want to play, your nick (which is the name that appears on the tables) and your login (which is the username you used to make the registration)
  6. When you have completed all the requested data in the rooms that you have chosen, click on OK.
  7. Do the same operation if you want to create different nicks in other categories.

Once created, the nicknames can't be modified. If you need to delete it or you have another problem, send an email to info@habwin.com.