Types of combination bets

The great thing about parlay bets is the possibility they offer to increase the odds of winning. Who wouldn't choose to take more money on a bet? Neither you nor anyone else is so foolish as to ignore the advantages of this type of betting, which is why so many people choose it over any other type of bet.

But be still! You know you should never bet more money than you have, right? This is all about having a good time, so use your head!

What do you mean, you've just taken up sports betting and you had no idea what a combo bet was? Well, we're coming to your rescue with this post in which we talk about the main types of parlay bets. Choose wisely!

Refresh your memory:

What are combination bets?

Double combination bet

Among all types of parlay bets, the double parlay bet is one of the best known and most common in a bookie. It allows to make two selections and combine them in the same ticket. The user receives the prize only in case both predictions are correct, which increases the risk a little, but not so much as to renounce the advantage of being able to double the reward.

Double bets have their pros and cons. On the one hand, the most obvious advantage is that we can win more money assuming a higher risk, but in a tiny increase compared to other types of bets. The handicap is that you do not get any prize if you get one of the two predictions right. In other words, you either win both or you lose all your money.

Moral of the story: yes, it will be profitable to make a double combined bet, but be careful not to get too crazy with the predictions. You won't see a penny if you're too optimistic with your prediction, Capisci?

Need to catch up on the basics?

How to place multi bets?

Triple combination bet

Where there's two, there's three... Or so they say!

A triple accumulator bet is the same as a double accumulator bet, only that here we combine three selections in one ticket. And you also have to match all three to win the prize? That's right... More difficult? Yes. More exciting? Also, more exciting. Because you can win a pretty big prize, but don't go crazy with the selections: make them "with your brains".

Pros and cons of the three-way combo bet? You know this one. You can win quite a succulent prize compared to a standard or a double combo... in exchange, of course, for adding one more selection and getting them all right.

Now you read this and you think that there's no way you're going to try to make a triple bet. Adding one more selection and risk losing everything if you get two right, but miss one? No way, come on.

If you've been thinking this, we've got good news: you can resort to system parlay bets.

Shall we take a quick look?

Multi betting odds: how to calculate them, step by step

Combined system bet

A combined system bet is a type of bet that allows you to make several selections and allows a small margin of error. Because it is more flexible, it allows you to get some profit (called return) even if you have not been accurate with some selections.

This is cooler, isn't it? Well, here's how it works. In the combined system bets, the bettor groups several selections. The bet will have a protection level associated with it, that is, the number of failures allowed before any chance of sniffing a euro is considered lost. The lower the number of allowed failures, the higher the potential prize.

But don't get carried away by euphoria! Remember to always bet realistically, so make selections without going overboard, okay?

And just to spoil the party a bit: the complexity of the systems can make calculating the odds and potential winnings more difficult. Translated: don't be fooled, the combined system bets are easier, but sometimes they require you to get up to date with more than just your school math books...

Ok, but I want to stop losing, even if I’m a rookie…

We get it! Maybe this will help you:

Winning multi bets without experience: tips for beginners

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