Sit and Go tournaments: what they are and easy strategies

Sit and go tournaments are very specific poker competitions that start immediately after the minimum number of players has been reached. Each sit n go tournament has a predetermined number of participants that varies, with the most common SNGs being those of six and nine participants.

In this modality there is no late registration, as is the case in multi-table tournaments (MTT). Here, either the player participates or he will have to wait for a new tournament to open. The tournament will start as soon as there are enough players to start the game.

Features of Sit and Go tournaments

SNG poker competitions are so different from multi-table tournaments that it is normal that you may not know how to play sit and go even if you are a good poker player. Some of the most important poker figures do not know how these tournaments work, very appreciated among amateurs and among sure bet lovers.

These tournaments are not made for the impatient, especially the Double or Nothing mode, where patience and conservative plays take precedence over everything else. Of course, in a sit and go tournament game, strategy has more weight than in any other, and a great analytical capacity is required to understand how the game is developing.

The fun of these competitions is that the one who best interprets the game is the one who manages to push the other players to adopt a more aggressive strategy. And the strategy for sit and go tournaments is tricky because all players usually start with ultra-conservative profiles, while as the stakes increase, increasingly aggressive moves are made.

If you don't know how to play sit and go, it will help you to know that the minimum bankroll is usually twenty times the buy-in. However, keep in mind that the buy-in is usually designed for players with some skills, so if you are new, you should expect to need a little more.

Another important aspect: accounting. In a sit and go game, strategy is everything, and the mere fact of counting wins and losses as in any other poker game is a major mistake. It is important, in terms of discipline and bankroll management, to know what the winning ratio is in each mode and if you choose to count everything in the same package you will not really know if your bankroll goes up or down, not keeping track of your evolution in the game.

Sit and Go Double or Nothing tournaments

Sit and go tournaments, also known by the acronym SNG, can be classified in several ways according to their characteristics. They can be categorized by their speed (there are Turbo and Superturbo modes), by the number of participants (ranging from 2 to 360, although the most common tables are 6-MAX and 9-MAX), or by type of tournament: Bounty and Knockout are two of the best known, although double or nothing sit and go tournaments are also very popular.

One of the most common sit n go tournaments is the double or nothing, an ideal type of tournament to start in the poker world and learn to gain experience betting. To gain experience is fundamental to aspire to play other modalities with much more experience, since the habituation to poker competitions of a more professional nature sometimes requires a great capacity of reading during the bets that can only be obtained with experience.

For this modality, one of the most prominent within the entire sit and go poker tournament sector in the world, it is necessary to keep several things in mind. To begin with, you should know that, if you are not patient, a double or nothing sit and go table is not for you. This is a game where the winnings are added little by little, slowly but surely (or, at least, safer than in other forms of competition), and in which it is essential not to rush to lose the entire stack at the first change.

Tips for playing sit and go double or nothing

We assure you that in order to opt for victory in a double or nothing sit and go tournament, you will have to be patient and think each move carefully. Here caution is the priority and any false step can mean the sudden elimination of the game.

One of the best things to do if you do not know how to play sit and go is to go for the first place, and the difference between the first places is too high to give it up. Focus on winning and try to get to the top of the list.

The strategy for sit and go tournaments of this type involves management, especially in terms of stack. In the first levels it is going to be fundamental to do so in order to reach the final phase with more probabilities of deploying more aggressive strategies.

It is best to start the game conservatively, ensuring profits and cushioning losses to be able, as the game progresses, to have a much wider repertoire of plays.

Keep in mind that in these tournaments it is essential to keep at least part of your stack. In sit and go's, strategy is everything, especially when it comes to chips. If the stack is lost, the player will be eliminated from the tournament and will not be paid anything.

It is also important that you let others lose. You should always be very conservative at the beginning, as experience shows that whoever knows how to manage his chips better in the early stages of the game will have many more chances to win as the game progresses.

On the other hand, chip management is fundamental. The key in a double or nothing sit and go game is to know when to get all your chips before the flop, pushing the more conservative players to adopt a more aggressive strategy.

On the other hand, the primary objective is to survive to the end. Keep in mind that in sit n go games of this type it is not necessary to take all the chips in the game to win. The one who survives to the end wins, not the one with the biggest stack.

One of the bases of the strategy for sit and go tournaments of the double or nothing modality is to steal blinds to have more chips. This is basic, especially when you are a little short of chips.

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