No Limit VS Limit Poker: Differences between Limit and No Limit Poker

Poker variants are very diverse, each with a number of differences that make them unique. In addition, each variant can be played in different ways, depending on the rules that are agreed before starting a game - which will also be the ones that give more or less dynamism to the game. In this article we focus on explaining the duality that exists between No Limit VS Limit Poker. If you don't know very well what the difference is between limit and no limit betting and how each game is played in both cases, then we recommend that you continue reading this article. Let's get to it!

No Limit VS Limit Poker, which one to choose?

One of the first decisions you have to make when you start playing poker seriously is whether you prefer cash games or are a multi-table poker (MTT) player. Once you've clarified this, as well as which poker variant you want to play - remember that the most popular are Texas Hold'em and Omaha Poker - you'll need to choose how you want to play. That is, whether you prefer a more relaxed style with controlled hands or the craziness and dynamism of no-limit freestyle. We explain exactly what each of them consists of so that there are no doubts.

What is No Limit Poker?

The stakes in this poker game are no limit. This means that there is no barrier and you are allowed to bet as much as you want at any given time. However, this type of betting is perhaps the most complex variant as you have to control the ideal bet size at any given moment, something that you learn with experience and which is the main difference between professional players and amateurs. There are two cases that make situations difficult at the table in this form of poker, that of placing bets that are too small when the occasion deserved a larger one and the opposite case. It also lends itself to the possibility of overbetting, which involves betting too big in comparison to the pot in play.

Texas Hold'em No Limit is one of the most popular poker variations in existence. To properly play No Limit poker variations the player must be able to control the game while placing or accepting the necessary large bets at the appropriate time, all without losing control of the pot.

What is Limit Poker?

Limit poker is poker played with a minimum and maximum money limit set at each table prior to the start of the game. Players' bets must therefore be between these values, otherwise they will not be allowed at the table. With limit betting the player has the opportunity to call, bet or raise, but only a fixed amount. This, as mentioned above, is set in advance and usually varies depending on the variant of the game.

Differences between No Limit VS Limit Poker

We have already explained what each game mode consists of, let's now see what the differences are when analysing No Limit VS Limit Poker. 

  • Complexity: No Limit is more complex than Limit Poker. The reason is very simple, in the first case you must learn to manage your bets and have more control over them to see them or make them at optimal times - since there are no limits - while in the second case the options are more limited and do not involve so much strategy and control of the game.
  • Overbet: The No Limit version allows you to apply the overbet strategy, as you can place bets well above the pot - these can be used to get maximum returns by taking advantage of the monsters in your hand, although they can also be played as a bluff. In limit games you can also overbet, but to do so you will have to go all-in, which may not be the best option. 
  • Jackpots: As you can imagine, the strategy changes from one poker game to another. Players usually find it difficult to adapt to both, so they tend to go for one of the two. Keep in mind that the pots that can be made at a No Limit table are much larger than at a limit table. A player can recover with just one table in No Limit poker, whereas in Limit Poker you will need to play several. However, to do this you will have to become one of the best.
  • Aggressive VS Soft: Limit poker is usually played softer than no-limit poker. The reason for this is that fewer chips are put into play and this conditions the way the game is played. Players tend to select where they place their chips and only risk if they think they have a good hand - although they can also fold.
  • Bluffing: Of course, no-limit poker offers more options for bluffing, while bluffing is less common in no-limit poker.
  • Mistakes before the river: No Limit poker allows more mistakes to be made before the river because the strategy is more flexible. On the other hand, in limit poker - when the hand is even - the winner will be decided and the chips you have been able to put in play up to that point will be compensated with the ones you can win. In the latter case, however, you have to be calmer and specialise in the end of tricks.

What is Pot Limit?

It is another form of poker. In this case, each player must bet or raise until the size reaches the entire pot at that moment. In other words, the amount of the maximum bets is fixed by the size of the pot.

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