Betting in poker: betting types and examples

Bets in poker are the key to the game. They are the ones that give dynamism and excitement to the game, being able to obtain important sums of money with them. But be careful, you can also lose it! When you decide to bet in the world of poker it is very important that you do it considering the right size in relation to the pot and the strategy you want to carry out. The pot lets you know what you can potentially win should you decide to continue with the hand. 

By participating in betting you will be able to stay in the rounds and continue to advance through the different streets of preflop, flop, turn and river. Want to know more about poker betting? Below, we explain how to bet on 5-card poker - regardless of whether it's online or live poker betting - and the different types of bets there are depending on the size and strategy adopted. 

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Poker actions: what players should do at betting time

When the cards are dealt, there are several betting actions that are part of the rules of poker. These must be complied with by the players and they are:

  • Check: You can only check when there are no bets in play. In other words, to avoid opening bets. If all active players check, then the next hand is continued and the current round is over.
  • Betting: Once a player bets, the rest have the opportunity to call, raise or fold.
  • Call: Players who do not want to raise, but want to continue in the next round, must call in order to remain active.
  • Raise: Players may raise when other players have bet during the current round. To do so, they must call the highest bet placed and then place a higher bet.
  • Not going: This involves leaving the game (folding).

Types of betting size in poker

The size of the bets varies according to the size of the pot. Based on this we can estimate whether a bet is large, medium or small, but also whether the investment is worthwhile or if you are risking too much. However, although bet size fashions tend to vary, experienced players have their reasons for placing one type of bet or another and taking the risk that may be involved, depending on the strategy adopted.

Poker: big bets

Big bets are bets in which the amount of chips or cash wagered is greater than half the pot. These bets can put opponents under pressure as they are forced to call or raise, which can cost them a good amount of chips. These can be used for bluffing, but also to win big with strong hands or to protect projects, among others.

Poker: medium stakes

In medium bets, between half and ¾ of the pot is played. Generally, these bets are made when the situation is not entirely favourable, so you can't bluff as you would in a big bet, but you can allow yourself to put some pressure on the other players.

Poker: small bets

These types of bets are worth about half the pot. These are usually placed as a continuation bet. That is, when a raise has been made prior to the flop. The size of these bets usually depends on the particular situation. Most commonly, however, players will use it on a dry table where there are few hole cards or on the river, when the community cards have already been exposed.

How to bet in poker according to strategy

In this section, what we are trying to resolve is how to bet in poker according to the strategy adopted. We therefore focus on techniques and tips for online - but also live - poker betting and for Texas Hold'Em and Omaha Poker games (i.e. how to bet in 5-card poker). These are the most common poker bets according to strategy:

  • Check and raise: The strategy, in this case, is to check when the action comes to you in order to raise when your opponent has placed a bet behind you. This way you can put more pressure on them and force them to fold if they don't have good cards.
  • Over bet: This bet is made on an unusual amount of chips in relation to the pot and usually when it exceeds the amount in the pot. This move is intended to force the other player to fold - either if you bluff or if you have good cards. The name of this strategy is also known as "Buying the pot".
  • Push and Fold: This strategy is also known as all in fold. In this strategy, your moves are limited to two options. You can go all in and go all in, or fold and fold your hand and give up the pot. This is a strategy that is often used when the amount of chips in your stack is small, which does not prevent you from calling and raising. This strategy also helps you avoid losing significant amounts by raising and folding.
  • Counter-raise: The strategy consists of tripling the value of the bet when you suspect that there is an aggressive player in play whose only objective is to take the blinds. 
  • 3-Bet: The 3-Bet bet is made with a re-raise of the hand - even if your hand is not the best - with a chance to improve and become the best player at the table. The counter-raise is a type of 3-Bet bet.
  • 4-Bet: The bet in this case takes place when you make a bet of 4 times the value of the big blind when it's your turn and without having posted any money for the blinds. In other words, it is made when you have not yet invested anything in the pot, which serves to indicate to the players that you have very strong cards, possibly forcing them to abandon the hand.
  • Stop and Go: To carry out this strategy you have to check before the flop while you are out of position to raise and then make a strong bet - for example, an all in.

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