Live roulette: the best online roulette rooms to play roulette online

Roulette is one of the most loved casino games by the community of fans who like to try their luck in one of the many casinos, physical or virtual, that are available today.

Something as basic as selecting a number and chance has evolved into a game where the types of bets are the real sauce, where the strategic component comes to the fore and where experienced players take the lead.

Playing live roulette is perfect for those who are looking to transfer the adrenaline of traditional casinos to online casinos. And so that you can do it with all the excitement, we are going to recommend a series of rooms for you to enjoy the game like never before, the best live roulette awaits you!

Which rooms to play live roulette in

  • Mr. Green. One of the best casinos to play live roulette is the one you can find integrated in Mr. Green. To play live roulette you just have to register and start enjoying the action. Remember that by registering in Habwin you can enjoy exclusive advantages in this and other rooms, getting rewards in the form of HabCoins that you can then redeem for exclusive gifts in the HabStore.

  • Versus. Another room that has a casino frequented by a constant and large volume of users is Versus. It is one of the best known and has one of the best casinos for live roulette.

  • Luckia. It is one of the most veteran rooms in the sector, and who at the time decided to play it safe, would find in Luckia one of the best sites to play live roulette in Spain. It also allows the user to access multiple options of casino games, and enjoy a complete experience without having to change rooms.

  • Betsson. Playing live roulette in Spain is possible, even if the room has its origin outside our borders. We have seen it with Mr. Green and we see it again now with Betsson, one of the best-known Swedish firms in the sector. Its casino is chosen by thousands of online live roulette fans, and for a reason!

  • AdmiralBet. Known by many as Starvegas, AdmiralBet is one of the most loved rooms just because of the variety of roulettes it has: it allows you to play live roulette, fastball live roulette, French live roulette, and it has a lightning roulette, also live.

  • William Hill. A safe bet with live roulette of various types designed so that all fans of this game can enjoy as they want. In addition, for those who enjoy not only playing live roulette, but also other games or sports betting, William Hill has one of the widest offers to satisfy all its community of users.

  • Betway. Fame precedes Betway, and being a member of Habwin you can enjoy extra advantages. If you like to play in casinos and live roulette especially, do not hesitate.

Tips to know how to play live roulette

  • You need a strategy. Although the chance component has a lot to say in roulette, the diversification that exists around the bets of this game makes the strategy determinant to be able to maximize the possibilities of obtaining profits, or at least, to cushion the losses.

  • Avoid playing too long per session. It is best to enjoy roulette in short sessions. You will increase your attention; you will be more accurate with your options and you will avoid that a bad play becomes a bad streak.

  • Study the types of roulette beforehand. There are several types of roulette, and one of the first things you should do before going head first to play live roulette online is to check what kind it is, because this will affect the game and your chances of winning.

  • Outside plays, better if you are inexperienced. It is usually advisable to start with outside bets in roulette, because they do not cater to specific figures and allow you to cover large amounts of numbers. That is to say, what counts is not the number, but its characteristics.

  • If you have the level, go for the internal or multiple bets. Inside bets are more complicated, but also more spectacular. If you are a medium or higher-level player, it is advisable to go for them.

  • Assume the streaks of bad results. No matter how hard you try, you won't be able to stop bad results from accumulating. No one can escape from a bad streak and it is important that you know how to assume it so that it does not affect you too much. Also, keep in mind that obsessing over bad results affects your ability to analyze the play of the moment. If you can't keep control, it's better to stop.

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