Numbers that come up most in roulette on the basis of probabilities

It is perhaps one of the games most associated with chance and casinos. It offers fast games, with a lot of rhythm and action, where the luck component is very high and perfect for those who want to bet fast and without complicating themselves with complex strategies.

We are talking about roulette, a game traditionally associated with live casinos, which are the maximum expression of gambling. In this game, a player bets that a certain number will come up, and a small ball is rolled over a roulette wheel full of numbers. If he gets it right, he wins the prize. If not, he loses the money he bet.

But the real "kick" of roulette, as you will see below, does not lie in knowing which number will come up the most.

Because, yes, you can bet on a number, but it is the most complicated way to get it right. You can bet that a certain segment of numbers will appear (from 1 to 18, for example), the color that will appear (black or white), you can bet on segments... diversifying and knowing which flanks to cover with your bet is the right way to play.

How many numbers does roulette have

As a game of probabilities and chance that it is, everything will depend on the number of numbers with which the rounds are played. In Spain, roulette has 37 numbers (from 0 to 36, both inclusive). In the United States, roulette wheels have one more because they are played with the "00" box as well. It is important, especially in digital platforms, to know what kind of roulette you are playing with in order to adjust the odds, since some casino rooms use the American system as a basis for the development of their games.

However, the rule is that in European rooms the old continent's system prevails.  This helps to establish a betting routine based on 37 numbers, 36 + 0. Knowing how many numbers a roulette wheel has, especially when playing virtually, is crucial in order not to make a mistake with the winning odds when betting.

That leads to another typical question among roulette fans: the numbers that come up the most in roulette. It is something that depends deeply on mathematics and historical data of the game since there are records, so we will address this point a few lines below, but we already tell you that it is impossible to establish a pattern that tells how to know what number will come out in roulette, so everything is left to chance and your good betting judgment.

How much do you win at roulette if you hit a number?

There are several ways to win money betting on roulette. Not everything depends on the probability that a particular number will come up in roulette, but on the way you have approached your bets to cover as many options as possible with less money.

Let's see: a roulette wheel has 37 slots, from 0 to 36. The colors are divided according to segments: From 1 to 10, even are red and odd are black. From 11 to 18, even are black and odd are red. From 19 to 28, even are red and odd are black. From 29 to 36, even are black and odd are red. As you can see, 0 is on the margin, because it is green. From 0 depends the house edge, which is known as "house edge", the profit that the casino expects to obtain.

The payout odds (1:1, 2:2, 5:1 and so on) only take into account the boxes from 1 to 36, not the 0.

The amount of money you receive per bet will depend on the type of bet you place. These are the types of payouts per bet established in most casinos in the world:

  • 1:1 payout. 1:1 bets offer an even money return. For example, if you bet £8 and you guessed right, the prize you get will be £8 + the £8 of your bet.
  • 2:2 payout. It is a payout that is established for betting on a series of a dozen. For example, on the left side we bet £2 on the numbers from 1 to 12, and on the left side we bet £2 on the last column of 12 numbers. The reward will be double the bet placed.
  • 5:1 payout. It is a type of payment that is established in bets of six numbers. For example, if we place a 5-euro chip on the side of a table, between two rows, we will be betting on the three numbers of each row and the potential prize will be five times the bet, that is, 5:1.
  • 8:1 payout. If you bet on a series of four numbers, you can get a reward of eight times your bet.
  • 11:1 payout. If you bet on a row of three numbers, you are eligible for a payoff of 11 times your bet. For example, if you bet on 7, 8 and 9, three numbers in the same row.
  • 17:1 payout. How much do you win at roulette if you hit not one, but two numbers? For example, if you bet on the vertical pair 17-20 and you hit, your prize will be 17 times your initial bet.
  • 35:1 payout. This is the type of payout that is established for betting on only one number, the classic roulette bet on one digit. It is one of the most typical, but also one of the most complicated because it is a 35 to 1 bet, that is to say, 35 chances to fail and 1 to hit. Therefore, the reward for hitting the right number is 35 times your bet.

What are the numbers that come up the most  in roulette games according to probabilities?

Knowing what is the number that comes up the most in roulette is the most important thing for many, and although this interest is legitimate, you will soon realize that it is a mistake if you also start to feel this fixation to look for a pattern to play.

Because knowing which numbers are the ones that come out most often in roulette allows us to try to know a series of patterns in order to make a type of bet more frequently. Although this should be taken only as a mere anecdotal data, since in no case does the strict monitoring of the historical data of this game determine the probability of success.

The red 7, the black 17, the black 8 and the black 11, in that order, are the numbers that are expected to come out the most. But be careful, with the preferred ones to bet on, they are not the ones that come out the most. In fact, knowing which are the numbers that come out the most in roulette is a useless exercise, considering that it is pure and genuine chance that determines where the ball ends up falling.

There is a special predilection for odd numbers of low value, such as 3 or 7, but also with some such as 19, 21 (a classic number associated with chance since ever) or 33. In fact, it is not possible to know which is the number that comes up the most in roulette for statistical reasons.

But, in addition, knowing it would spoil the 35:1 bets, one of the stars of roulette and which allow the most adventurous to bet all the money on a single number.

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