Winning roulette strategies that will increase your winnings

Although roulette is a game associated with chance and many even give it a total incidence of the luck factor, in reality we are talking about a tremendously strategic game as far as betting and chip distribution are concerned.

There are many methods that have been studied over time by fans of the star game of casinos, and some of the best are collected in this post dedicated to strategies to win at roulette that you may find useful. Hit it!

Fibonacci roulette strategy

A classic. The Fibonacci strategy in roulette is a must have that every novice or amateur should know how to handle, and is usually one of the first techniques you learn to try to turn a chaotic and disorganized game into a refined, organized method with high possibilities of bringing profits.

But they are just that, possibilities. The probability is not guaranteed and it is a technique that allows to organize the bets, but it is not designed to break the bank nor to report immediate benefits.

It gets its name from the Fibonacci series of numbers, which is based on adding the last two numbers to shape the next one. As a roulette strategy, the same concept applies: when a bet is placed and does not win, the next bet will be the sum of the previous two. If a win occurs, the series is restarted. As long as you do not win, the same succession of numbers will be followed, as long as the stack allows it.

For example: we bet 1 € in the first round and we lose it. As it is the first round, and 0 + 1 = 1, in the next round we will also bet 1 €. It turns out that in the second round we lose it too. In round 3, we add the amount of the two previous rounds: 1 + 1 = 2. We bet 2 €. It turns out that we lose again. We add again for the next round the amounts of the last two bets: 1 + 2 = 3. We bet 3 €. If we win this round, in the next round we would reset the counter and bet €1 again. But if we lose, we would add the amounts of the two previous bets: 2 + 3 = 5.

The Fibonacci strategy in roulette is one of the most effective for those seeking consistency and routine. It provides a systematic way of placing bets, without varying the user's ability and establishing an invariable rule for each round. This reduces the impact of chance and its ups and downs.

James Bond roulette strategy

James Bond is known for being, both in the novels and in the movie saga, an excellent gambler. On several occasions and over the years, Bond has played roulette in the most luxurious casinos in the world. Memorable are his games in Dr. No, Operation Thunder, Diamonds for Eternity, GoldenEye, Casino Royale or Skyfall, both roulette and poker, Blackjack or seven and a half.

The truth is that the myth has aroused the interest of many moviegoers, who have tried to imitate the secret agent's success in his real games. However, it would be too bold to explain any strategy that James Bond uses in roulette, since his appearances in casinos are short and often lack context.

Anyway, 007's roulette strategies have been discussed at length on networks, so there are theories for all tastes.

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Martingale roulette strategy

Another well-known roulette strategy is the Martingale. This system, which is used in sports betting but was originally designed for this game, is closely related to the strategy for winning at red and black roulette. It works the same on 1-18/19-36 or on odd and even. This roulette strategy allows you to start with the minimum bet (5 €, for example) and decide according to the result. If you win, you repeat the bet. If you lose, you double.

In other words, it is a method based on doubling the bet as long as you lose, until you win. This allows you to recover losses later, but it has a drawback: it requires having a robust stack to face a bad streak of results. For many it is the best roulette strategy, but if you do not have sufficient financial backing, it is of little use.

In any case, it is a roulette strategy designed only for the bravest. And this is also where continuity comes into play, because the Martingale roulette strategy requires you to stay in the game until you win in order not to lose all the money you have accumulated.

Red and black roulette strategy

Another roulette strategy that roulettes fans know well is the red and black roulette strategy and it is very similar to the rest, since it is based on doubling the bet while losing. It is based on betting on a color and keep betting until it comes out. When we get it, we change color and continue doing it until we win.

The difference between the strategy for red and black roulette and others is that it is based on the color to mark the type of bet, but the system is the same and is based on the use of the same unchangeable strategy that only changes when you win.

A good roulette strategy always seeks to create an unchanging system to win until you get it right, at which time it is changed to alter the factors.

666-roulette strategy

Have you heard of the 666-roulette strategy? It is a type of play that has nothing to do with the devil, but covers all the numbers on the table, except for four. In order to be able to do it, 66 euros per spin are required, so the stack must be powerful.

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