Hold'em Manager: all about this online poker software

It is one of the best-known programs for poker fans. As if it were a saga, evolutions and later versions have been appearing that have expanded its possibilities, improved performance and expanded its capacity to offer additional help to those players eager to analyze their game to improve.

In this post we tell you all about Hold'em Manager, what you can do with it, how you can get it and what exactly it can offer you. It is not for nothing that it is among the best online poker


The best software to play online poker

What is Hold'em Manager

Hold'em Manager is the best-known program in the poker world. Among all the software options that exist to analyze the games and improve as a player, Hold'em Manager is at the top both in performance and popularity, making more and more rookies who make use of it to make that qualitative leap that is required to increase their level and move on to rub shoulders with more experienced and skilled players.

As of today, it is Hold'em Manager 3 that is occupying the volume of downloads of this software. The third revision has brought with it numerous new features, and a greater ability to simultaneously analyze aspects of the game that in previous versions were less fluid, improving the user experience.

For many, an online poker software is not elementary to improve, but it does facilitate the task of keeping a better control over what happens around the player. That is why Hold'em Manager is so popular, because it accompanies the novice player in his quest to become better, more competitive and more complete.

What does Hold'em Manager offer? Quite simply, all the tools you need to analyze various parameters of the game at the same time. The third version of this online poker software includes a much larger number of parameters and ratios than the old versions, which provide very useful information not only about the state of the game, but also about the state of our opponents and our own.

In case you did not remember it, in Habwin we already told you about this online poker software. Take a look at it for additional information.

What is Hold’em Manager and what is it for?

How to get Hold'em Manager

To get Hold'em Manager, you have to access the official Hold'em Manager download and purchase page. When you click on the purchase option, you will see several plans available at unique prices. In essence, they are as follows:

  • Single version for small stakes. You can choose to purchase for $60.00 Hold'em Manager 3 in Small Stakes mode. If you prefer to have this program, but focused on Omaha poker, you can buy for the same price the Omaha Hold'em 3 - Small Stakes.
  • Unique version for big stakes. For both Hold'em and Omaha, you have the possibility to purchase the all-stakes version for $100.00. The Hold'em version is exclusive to this modality, and the same happens with the Omaha version.
  • Combined version for small stakes. If you are going to use the software in Texas Hold'em and Omaha online poker games interchangeably, the pack is what you are interested in. A pack of small stakes Hold'em Manager 3 + Omaha Manager 3 is available for $100.00. 
  • Combined version for big bets. The same combo, but in All Stakes version, can be purchased for $160.00, which is a savings of almost 25% compared to buying it separately.

What is the price of Hold'em Manager?

The price range for the Hold'em Manager license is between $60.00 and $160.00, depending on whether you purchase a single mode version (Texas Hold'em or Omaha poker), or if both are included in the pack.

In addition, Hold'em Manager is available in both small stakes and all-stakes versions, so the price range may change depending on which version is involved.

Although on the official Hold'em Manager website the price is shown in dollars, it is possible to pay with a European card. The banks themselves will charge the equivalent amount at the time of applying the currency exchange, so you do not have to worry about anything else, everything is done as another online purchase.

Note that, although Hold'em Manager has a fixed price in each version, it is possible to benefit from a 14-day free trial. Just go to the "Download Free Trial" tab and the trial version will start downloading to your computer.

Which version of Hold'em Manager is the best?

There is no doubt that the third iteration of Hold'em Manager is the most complete. Hold'em Manager 3 has been rated by many as the best online poker software available on the web today, and it improves on all its predecessors, expanding the capabilities of the application and improving its performance on all fronts.

In addition, although Hold'em Manager has always included a tutorial, now it is more complete than ever, and it is designed so that even those who have not had a single contact with this online poker software can squeeze all the possibilities of the program.

Don't think twice: Hold'em Manager 3 is the best and most complete version of HM. We tell you all the details of this latest version of Hold'em Manager here:

New version Hold’em Manager 3

Pirated Hold'em Manager: is it worth it?

The Internet is full of download links and "cracks" that allow you to break the security of the software to unlock all its features without having to go through the cash register. Although attractive, this possibility can put you in a bind in case the Hold'em Manager team detects that your license is not active or is fraudulent, preventing you from using the program indefinitely.

In addition, by downloading files from third parties you expose yourself to computer viruses and other problems associated with a malfunction of your computer, so it is best to pay the price of the license. With these funds, you guarantee the continuity of the program and the possibility to cover the investments necessary for the production of future updates and the release of subsequent versions.

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