The best software to play online poker

 What doubts abouts poker software will be solved?

  1. The difference between live poker and online poker
  2. The different kind of software to play poker
  3. Top 10 best poker online software
  4. Is it legal to use this software?
  5. Free software or prepaid
  6. Conclusion

Live poker vs online poker 

In a live poker game you are alone, you and your mental capacity calculation... not so much information about your rivals you can get out beyond their gestures and their betting patterns.

On the other hand, if you are an online poker player you have a great ally: the poker software that gives you information about the game and your opponents. The more and better information, the more benefits, so being well-informed about poker software is the key to success. Moreover in live poker you can only play one table at a time, while online poker can be multi-table, which complicates much more the decisions. We will give you some tips to choose the software that suits you according to your game.

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Many poker players wear sunglasses to hide
the expression on his face, although some freak with the size out xD
In online poker your best ally is poker software, so choose well!

Different kind of software

According to the information provided by these software, we differentiate 3 large blocks:

  • Statistical Software 
    Hold’em Manager, PokerTracker, Flopzilla, Freepokerdb, Jivaro
    They perform percentage calculations on our own game and the hands of the rivals. They include the Heads-Up Display or HUD that calculate the statistics and help us to detect the behavior of our rivals and the reports that allow us to analyze our strategy in the hands already played.

    Some poker pros believe that HUDs are overrated. For example, Steve McLoughlin, director of PokerTracker, believes that "it is not as important to have information from opponents as to review your game after the end of the session." However, it seems to us that this functionality of HUD is necessary especially when we play multitable and these nuances can go unnoticed. In any case, with the Hold'em Manager you get both informative contributions, so it is certainly a software to keep in mind.

  • Analysis Software
    Icmizer, PokerStove, Calculatem Pro, Tournament Shark
    They perform complex mathematical calculations that allow us to make better decisions during our game or at the end of the game. In poker world, these software are called odds or odds calculators.
  • Support Software 
    They speed our game up, since we delegate in these software some of our decisions.

Top 10 best online poker software

We introduce you the ranking of the software for online poker players by order of popularity and importance in the game:

1 | Hold’em Manager

holdem manager 2

From 59.99$ 

This is the most complete online poker software. It provides two different types of information: HUDs and reports, to help you read in hot (during gameplay) and to facilitate the performance of cold analysis on the game. Very similar to PokerTracker, this software will soon be presenting its version 3.

2 | PokerTracker


From 59.99$ 

With this software you can make more responsible decisions thanks to HUD, which detects your errors and helps you to eliminate them. Do not just analyze your hands, but also those of your rivals, which allows you to focus on the benefits of the game. It is very similar to Hold'em Manager and, with it, one of the most used software by professional poker players.

3 | Icmizer

icmizer poker

From 14.99$

This is an ICM calculation software for tournaments and Sit and Go that will help you to make decisions based on the ICM of your tournaments. It is designed with special regard to the needs of STT and MTT players and HU SnG players. 

4 | PokerStove



With this software you can calculate your win options before all the cards have been uncovered. This equity calculator is for Texas Hold'em and can be used in preflop, flop and turn (learn about the basic rules of poker and game types here)

5 | Flopzilla

flopzilla poker

From 35$

This is a statistical software that calculates the frequency of a certain range in different situations.This program is very simple to use. You just have to point out the starting hands as well as the table and statistics to get the frequency with which a certain range can occur.

6 | NoteCaddy

notecaddy edge poker

From 74.77$

This software defines any type of rival using color coding, applying filters that depend on their values. You will automatically receive information about your opponents in your HUD that will be useful to you in your game.

7 | Tournament Shark

tournament shark poker


Thanks to this software you have a huge database with the information you need about your opponents: how they usually act in certain situations, in what phase they have finished their previous tournaments, losses or gains in which they have finished ... It is quite intuitive and usable.

8 | Freepokerdb



Although it is not the same as Poker Tacker and Holdem Manager it seems that it also has many possibilities, graphs and statistics live with the HUD. 

9 | Calculatem Pro

calculatem pro

From 98.95$

Thanks to this program you do not need to waste your time and energy in calculating complicated odds, you just have to concentrate on the game and your opponent.

10 | Jivaro

jivaro poker tool

From 4.99$

This is a HUD exclusive to PokerStars that meets 100% of the rules of the room. Record your hands in real time and analyze your game, you can see results at any time and share hands with other players.

Is it legal to use this poker software?

These are software to support the online poker player, and therefore, they have not been designed to "cheat". It will be allowed all those which provide help in calculating the options to win when you receive the initial hand and it will be prohibited all those that allow conspire with other players of the table as well as making use of robots.

There are already many poker rooms that do not accept these software and they have decided to define within each network a list with the support software allowed. These lists can be frequently modified.

One of the most popular bannings was when Partypoker eliminated the option to use HUD's at its cash tables. But not only Partygaming, recently Microgaming also introduced another similar measure, only keeping the history of the hands in which you have participated and losing the rest of hands.

Partypoker No more huds

Free software or prepaid software

Most software offers the possibility of free download and a free trial for a period of at least one week like Flopzilla, even 30 days as Holde'm Manager or PokerTracker. Do not miss this opportunity and even if you think you are wasting time, try them all and draw your own conclusions to make a good decision. Remember that this software will be your best ally in your online poker game.

Also, remember that in HabWin we offer the option to pay with HabCoins, which are the points you get while playing in any of our rooms. Do not miss the opportunity to get these software for free. Check out the poker software we offer in our online store.

If you need us to advise you personally about the software that suits you better, do not hesitate to contact us at or in our Live Chat.


Do not even think about participating in an online poker game without having one of these softwares, to avoid any disadvantage in front of your rivals. One of the problems that we can find when we start playing is that most of this software is prepaid. We could find free versions less complete, but investing in software is one of the best ideas you can have as online poker player.

However, do not think about the mistaken idea that these software play for you, because that's not the case! The data given are only an average, so they will not tell us with complete accuracy the information we need. It is possible that in a particular case, what the player is doing is far from what the Hold'em Manager or the PokerTracker indicates. Therefore, you should have these software only as a support, but if you need to refine your playing technique we advise you to train with a poker coach (check out our poker teachers network if you need to)

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