The 7 best casino games

In casinos it is possible to enjoy a whole series of card games. There are many ways to enjoy card games, and the particular preferences of each one have a lot of weight here.

Knowing the rules is essential both to know how to play and to elucidate to what extent the game adapts to what you are really looking for. And to make choosing a game easier for you, we have made a brief review of some of the best casino games. To play!


Along with poker, it is the king of card games. He plays against the bank, and the objective is simple: get cards that total 21, or a value as close to this number.

But behind that objective is hidden a whole series of complex layers that open up a very wide range of strategic possibilities. For example, aces can be worth 1 or 11, and there are limits on the combination of cards. And there are different modalities that alter the way of approaching the game. One of the best online casino games, and one of the most captivating for thousands of fans around the world.

The roulette

There are those who say that roulette is the best casino game to win money because it has neither a trap nor a card: a numerical selection is made and the ball is expected to pass sentence. But here, knowing how to bet is everything.

Diversifying and covering several flanks according to probability is vital so as not to lose a lot of money in a short time. Due to its simplicity and the enormous possibilities offered by its bets, for many betting fans, roulette is a stimulating and fun game.


On a par with blackjack, poker is considered the best online and live casino game due to its extraordinary complexity, the number of nuances it contains and the different capabilities it hides.

It is a deep, varied game, full of strategic possibilities, which can be enjoyed at different levels and in different modalities. Everything, in order to adapt it to the preferences and baggage of each player.

Which is the better casino game then, blackjack or poker? Although both of them are at the pinnacle of casino gaming, there is no clear answer. Each one bases his game on different principles. While blackjack allows the player to take on the dealer, in poker the game focuses on the players. And you have to consider the strategic possibilities behind it, which can be decisive when choosing, depending on the experience you are looking for.

Slot machines

A classic. The most purists refuse to consider slot machines as a casino game, but its defenders affirm that it is the best casino game because it is the fairest of all. It is governed purely by chance, or at least in principle it is so. It flees from the complex strategy of other games, simplifies its mechanics and offers direct and immediate action.


It is a game similar to Blackjack but played with a deck of French cards. Always associated with the elites, it is a game that has traditionally been reserved for high-level players. Today it is part of the range of games of any casino, popularizing it among members of online casinos.

The objective of baccarat is simple: predict the hand that will get a value closest to 9. There are only two options: the player's, or the banker's. Part of the charm of baccarat is that it does away with some of the complex decisions that do exist in Blackjack, making the rules simpler and easier to follow, simplifying the game and offering more direct action.

Baccarat has given a lot of play in the cinema. In the James Bond films, in addition to poker or roulette, baccarat games have appeared several times where you can see perfectly what their dynamics are.


A must in every self-respecting casino. Although it has been eclipsed by card games, there is still a legion of followers who are fond of dice games. Here, you bet on the results of the dice thrown, being able to bet on the pass line or the don't pass line.

These are the two main options, but there are others. It is similar to roulette, where the betting options are segmented, but instead of a roulette wheel and a spinning ball, the number is determined by the rolled dice.

High caliber baccarat

This variant of traditional baccarat maintains practically the same rules, but is governed by higher bets. By playing with higher limits, the risk is greater, mistakes penalize more, and more skill is required.

What is the best online casino game, then? Traditional baccarat or high caliber baccarat? Between these two options, everything depends on your level and w hat your bankroll allows you.

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