What is your favorite poker variant?


If you regularly play poker you will know that Texas Hold'em is the best known game mode in America and Europe. However, throughout its history there have been several types of games that are gone, with the 5 Stud Cards being the oldest known modality.

5 Cards Stud or Street Poker does not refer only to the Western film "The Poker of Death" but its origin dates back to the American Civil War reaching great fame during the twentieth century.

This game mode that would evolve in 5 Card Draw may seem somewhat different from what most players of our era are used to, however learning to play can help us understand the basic pillars of the strategy in the poker world .

In the 5 Cards Stud the action will take place during four rounds or streets in which players will place a mandatory minimum bet on each hand. Two cards are dealt to each player at the start, one face down and one public; After the corresponding bets, we must combine our hand in the following rounds that will be distributed open face until the poker showdown. In this variant the player who has a better combination speaks first giving more possibilities to build his strategy to those who are disadvantaged.

The 5 Cards Stud is a perfect option to play live and bluff, and also allows you to more easily control the level of bets and odds.

In Five Card Draw we find a game mode similar to the previous one but in which the game takes place in a hidden format. It is the most common type of discard game in which each player controls five hole cards from the beggining.

Later, it arrived the quintessential game modality in both online and live poker, Hold'em Texas, which would be born at the Gold Nugget Casino in Las Vegas and expand worldwide thanks to the WSOP. In poker Hold'em you must use the common cards that are uncovered during the flop, turn and river and combine them with the two that we have in our own hand. Within this same option, we find several variants such as:

  • Texas Hold'em with limit, in which, as its name indicates, a predetermined bet limit will be established for the pot in each round, hence its PotLimit name.
  • No-Limit Hold'em (NLHE) where where the limit of your bet is marked by the stack, that is, you can bet all your chips.
  • Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) in which a player can bet the amount of the pot or the PLO5, identical but playing with up to 5 cards; in both you must combine two of your five hand cards with three of the table.

No-Limit Hold'em (NLHE) 

We also find other very popular variants such as the Omaha Hi-Lo, "Omaha High-Low", O-8, etc., in which he plays for the best high hand and the best low hand: or the Omaha Mixed. Regarding the fundamental differences between Hold'em and Omaha, we find that in Omaha each player receives four cards instead of two, so there are greater chances of getting better hands and combinations than in Hold'em. Although Omaha Poker started in Europe, more and more players choose this variant all over the world.

Pot Limit Omaha (PLO)  

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