What does 2.5 mean in betting? All about bets over 2.5 goals

As we have mentioned on several occasions, in the world of sports betting we can find many different types, depending on the type and configuration of the bet. In the world of soccer, for example, we find the traditional 1X2 market bets, handicap bets, corner and card bets, live bets or special bets. But also the goal bets, among which the over 2.5 goals bets stand out. In this article we will focus on the analysis of the latter. We will explain what 2.5 in betting means, what options are available and how to place them. Read on to find out more!

What does 2.5 in betting mean?

Over 2.5 goals betting is a type of betting on goals. One of the main options offered by bookmakers is to place bets on goals, which are usually of the over/under type -that is, betting on more or less goals-. Although we can also find other bets on the exact number of goals that will be scored in the whole match or in a specific time. In the case of bets over 2.5 goals, what is sought is that more than 2.5 goals are scored, that is to say, there must be at least 3 goals on the scoreboard. The reason why it is expressed in decimal is to differentiate between one number and another. Thus, if an over 1.5 goals bet is placed, we would be betting on a minimum of 2 goals.

In the case of bets under 2.5 goals, exactly the opposite happens. In other words, the player is indicating that a maximum of 2 goals will be scored (never more). In the world of soccer, bets over 2.5 goals are the most common, especially in first division teams. Of course, it is essential to study the data and analyze the information available so far -or how the event is developing in the case of live betting- to make the right decision and increase the chances of winning with bets.

It is very important to make clear, on the other hand, that both over and under bets -regardless of the number of goals chosen- can be applied both to the total number of goals that will be scored in the match, and to the number of goals that each team will score separately -either at the end or in each half-.

How to place an over 2.5 goals bet

Now that you know what over 2.5 goals (and less) means and how these bets are interpreted, it is time to explain how to place them. Actually, the process is very simple since it works just like any other type of bets you can find in the soccer category of sportsbooks. All you have to do is select the match you want to bet on and go to the goals section. Once inside you will have to specify your prediction and the amount of money you want to participate with. When selecting the prediction you will also have to indicate if you prefer to bet on the total amount of total goals or on the goals that each team will score, as well as the over/under option. Depending on the amount, as well as the option, the odds may increase or increase. This is where the skill, ability and the ability to interpret the information on the part of the bettors come into play. Over 2.5 bets are the most popular (and the most likely), however this results in lower prize odds.

Tips to keep in mind when betting over 2.5 goals

To increase the odds that your result will be the expected one, our recommendation is that you analyze the information and learn how to interpret it. So, start by making a previous study of each of the teams and look at the last scores, how many goals each player scores, if their strategy is more aggressive or passive, how many attempts on goal have been made and other statistical data. We recommend you to check mainly the data of the current season, as the squad of players will remain the same and there will be fewer variations. On the other hand, make use of your experience and love for the sport and pay attention to the factors that can influence the result of the score. For example, the weather - if you are betting live -, players who are out or unavailable, the schedule, the home or away venue, the exhaustion and recovery of players and other knowledge about secondary factors.

Other types of soccer bets

We mentioned them in the introduction, however, we take advantage of this section to explain them in a summarized way -now that you know what 2.5 means in betting- and so that there are no doubts. These are:

  • 1X2 market bets: This is the traditional modality. That is to say, if you bet on the home win, the draw or the away win. Also included here are bets with double result.
  • Handicap bets: These are bets that are used to even the odds of one team against another and make the odds more even. The most popular variants are the European handicap bets (3 options) or the Asian handicap bets.
  • Corner bets: These bets are currently a trend. They work through the over/under, but also on the match that reaches a certain number of corners first.
  • Card bets: Same as the previous ones, but in this case bets are placed on the number of cards.
  • Special bets: These are those in which you can bet on the scorers of a match or the players who will be most cautioned. In fact, there are a great variety of options.

  • Live bets: They are one of the most demanded by players. These bets have the advantage that you can analyze the real and approximate information at the same time.

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