Teaser in sports betting: what is it?

Teaser bets are those that allow you to place multiple bets, increasing the handicap of each of the selections. By having a variable number of selections, it is important to always take into account how many selections the bet will have, since the handicap will vary upwards in all of them.

In order for a teaser bet to be a winner, all the selections that appear in it must be correct. That is to say, the more selections included in the teaser bet, the higher the odds you can win, but you will assume a greater amount of risk and it will be more complicated to achieve it.

Making a teaser bet is very simple, as we will see below. You just have to select all the options you want to include and then choose the amount to bet for your selection.  But let's take a closer look at how to place this type of bets and what risks they actually involve.

What is a teaser bet?

Teaser bets are those that allow you to move the point spread of handicap bets to one side or the other in order to look for a more favorable outcome. Although the reward decreases for each handicap modification you make, the odds of winning increase, so it always pays off.

With the handicap spread, it is possible to move the total highs and lows of a particular event, whether you bet on the Over or the Under, depending on what suits you best.

When you choose a teaser bet, the handicap of each selection is automatically adjusted. Please note that the number of selections will also affect the final odds, which will have an impact on bets that are deemed void.

In case one of the selections remains unresolved or is declared void, the teaser will be recalculated taking into account the number of selections that have been deemed valid. For example, a teaser bet with 7 selections, of which 1 is considered void, will be paid as a 6 selections bet if all selections are correct.

Teaser bets: basic features

One of the main characteristics of the teaser betting application is that it can only be used in two specific sports, basketball and rugby, including the NBA and NFL professional leagues, and the NCAA and NCAAF college leagues.

They are a type of betting where winning is considered somewhat easier compared to other types of handicap betting.

It is a bet that allows to increase the margin of the handicap that is awarded in favor of one of the two teams. It is usual to do it in values of 0.5, since the odds go down with each extension to increase the probabilities of winning the bet.

Normally, the amounts at which it is chosen are lower compared to the rest of handicap bets, although the odds improve as selections are added to the bet, although the risk increases.

Teaser bets must include at least two selections. The maximum is very variable, although we normally talk about an amount of around ten.

In this type of betting, a draw or push is taken as a loss. A win in a teaser bet is only obtained when all selections win.

Different bookmakers may have different payout tables. Before placing your teaser bet, you should check what each bookmaker offers.

How to place a teaser bet, step by step

When placing our teaser bet, we only have to select the selections we want to be part of the bet and confirm the coupon. But bookmakers usually allow you to purchase additional points to increase the handicap in favor of one team or another, which allows you to tailor your bet in favor of a specific team.

The higher the handicap, the higher the probability of winning, but the lower the odds. This is precisely why we talk about "buying points", as they are deducted from the total odds. Although it is possible to buy points in different values, it is normal to increase them in values of half a point by half a point.

The first thing we have to do to place a teaser bet is to log-in at the bookmaker where we want to place our teaser bet. Be careful, it is advisable that you first try to find out what are the payouts that each one of them offers, since each one has the power to modify the amounts according to its own criteria.

When you are clear, you will only have to choose a multiple selection of selections in your bet and confirm the selection of your coupon. In the final step, the house will allow you to extend the handicap values so that you can widen the margin of probability of winning, being aware that the odds will go down. Keep in mind that it is important to find a balance so that the odds do not drop too much.

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