MTT tournaments with low blinds: how to play them

The peculiarity of poker tournaments in general and multi-table tournaments in particular, is that it is difficult to shape a correct strategy to play, since the game is very complex and is usually very open from a strategic point of view.

Basing the game on pure mathematics without paying attention to anything else is a mistake, but so would be letting your moves be dictated by mere intuition. However, there are small breadcrumbs that we can identify to know how we can play better, and how it is possible to get more out of our position in the hand.

In the following article, we are going to focus on playing with low blinds in multi-table tournaments, as well as on the mistakes or less optimal plays that should be avoided on most occasions.

How to play low blinds projects in an MTT tournament

Next, we are going to give you a series of guidelines so that you know how to play in a multi-table tournament:


  • Always stay in position.
  • Avoid confrontation with maniacs.
  • Always play cheap.
  • Your chance of making a good hand on the flop is just over 12%.

Post flop

  • If we open the pot, we have to make a strong bet.
  • If we are seen coming and we have the position advantage, watch out for the free card on the turn.
  • If they see us coming and we don't have the position advantage, we check and wait for the free card.
  • It is possible that we get re-raised. Then, we wait to calculate the odds and prepare for a rival bet on the turn. If that happens, folding is a guarantee.
  • If they open the pot before us, we always weigh the odds and implied odds.

What to do if we connect our minor pair to the flop

  • Bet big on a dangerous flop. If you get re-raised, push all-in.
  • Slowplay should be discarded with cards of 10 and up.
  • Slowplay is only justified on a chaotic and messy flop.

What to do if we don't connect our pair to the flop

  • Bet only with threes.
  • A minor-medium pair is speculative, not a value bet. If you have it, it is better to discard your hand.
  • Having an overpair means trouble and position has a lot to say.

Speculative hands in multi-table tournaments

Speculative hands play an important role in the strategic stakes of an MTT poker tournament. In NLH multi-table tournaments, for example, there are no trivial hands, and every time you put money on the table you are putting it all on the line. In multi-table tournaments, each of the blind levels has a specific duration, time being one of the key points of MTT tournaments.

In the first levels the blinds are very low compared to the starting stack. The game is therefore very loose, which encourages everyone to get into the game, but keep in mind that in every single hand that is played, there is a chance that a player will be eliminated.

If you play ultra-tight, so much the better. Don't forget that, every time you are putting money into the pot, you are making a potential bet with all your money. In the early rounds you are very likely to encounter at least one maniac player who will quickly give you away with his play. Never take on the maniacs.

If you disregard our advice and decide to go against him, try to isolate him. This should only be done with a premium hand; any other hand will be suicide.  When facing them you expose yourself to anything, since they can take any play and a flop without high cards can put you on the ropes.

The best thing to do in these first two levels is to forget about complications. Leave the complicated decisions for later.

Most common mistakes playing with low blinds

  • Playing big pots with medium cards. Big pots in multi-table tournaments are reserved for those players who have big cards. This is basic. If you have a good draw or you have a hand that doesn't stand out, don't play the pot. The size of the pot should be commensurate with the strength of your hand.
  • Playing speculative hands out of position. Speculative hands have a lot of weight in MTT tournaments, but playing them out of position is a big mistake. Also, keep in mind that speculative hands can help us to win small pots, but they can make us lose the opportunity to win a big pot.
  • Playing many hands. In games with low blinds, it is advisable to be selective with the hands you play. Being trapped in a medium hand can leave you out of the pot, so it is always better to take solid steps even if you have to give up small pots.
  • Not knowing how to wait for good cards. Multi-table tournaments with low poker blinds can test anyone's patience. Especially in micro-low tournaments, where you have to wait for the right hand to come along to get into the game.
  • Clearing a dominated hand. When the blinds in multi-table poker are low, mucking a dominated hand is a textbook mistake. If the hand is strong enough, raise. If not, fold without hesitation. Mismanaging dominated hands can put you out of the tournament in the blink of an eye.

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