How to be a casino croupier: training, salary and career path

In poker games and other physical games, the figure of the croupier is essential to ensure the smooth running of the game and to have a croupier who knows the rules inside out in case of conflict. It is also a figure who ensures the proper development of the games, and is the one who manages the pace of the game.

It is possible to develop a professional career as a croupier. To do so, you must have the appropriate training, meet a series of requirements and have the corresponding certification that enables the croupier to work in a casino or a gaming room.

What does it take to become a croupier in a gaming room?

A casino croupier is an indispensable figure for the proper functioning of each gaming table. And for that, it is necessary to be trained. A croupier is in charge of:

  • Know the different modalities of games with French playing cards.
  • Deal the cards.
  • Assisting the players.
  • Paying the players.
  • Detecting cheating and ensuring the security of the table.

This requires attention, concentration, manual dexterity and agility in mental calculation. For this reason, the requirements for training as a croupier include:

  • Great reflexes, visual and mental. A croupier is the eyes of the table, and must be attentive to everything. You need great visual acuity to spot irregularities, follow the game and keep an eye on cards, chips and bets.
  • Manual agility and dexterity to deal and pay without slowing down the pace of the game. All croupier activities require agility, both physical and mental. Although it is clear that experience is a plus and that practice makes perfect, a good base is essential to be a good casino croupier.
  • Agile mathematical skills. An aspiring croupier who does not have a facility for the mental handling of numbers will hardly be able to dedicate himself to being a croupier. It is essential to be able to perform operations of varying complexity with the agility that the pace of the game demands. And these calculations must be correct.
  • Great knowledge of the different game modalities. To distinguish the peculiarities of the rules of the different modalities, to know which are the possible peculiarities that can occur at a Texas or Omaha table, how to handle CASH or MTT's tables, etc.
  • Very good presence and people skills. It must not be forgotten that a croupier is the representative of the casino or gaming room who is in contact with the players. Therefore, a good presence and a natural people skill are required, since it is a job that involves being in permanent contact with the casino or gaming room customers.
  • A calm and serene demeanor. You should not only worry about how to become a professional croupier, but how to be a good croupier. Because it is not the same thing to be standing in front of the players without further ado, than to be a figure to whom the players can really resort in case of disagreement or incongruity in the game. Therefore, it is essential that a good croupier transmits tranquility, calmness and serenity.
  • A lot of observation capacity. And all this must go hand in hand with a high observation capacity. Because a croupier is not only in charge of watching that there is no cheating in the game, but also of controlling every bet and movement of the players.
  • Knowing languages is a plus. Normally, languages are a plus in all sectors, but in gambling they are even more so. It is very likely that you will find players coming from places outside Spain, and it is important that in those cases communication flows.

The croupier in poker: how he performs his job

Now that you know what it takes to be a croupier, it is essential that you know the day-to-day work. There are situations that can escape the croupier's control, moments when you have to transmit the same calm and serenity that you have transmitted throughout the game.

Because one of the croupier's duties is to assist the players and help them as much as possible. In case of doubt or any unusual request, the croupier can always ask the supervisor for advice, who will provide the best solution.

It is important to remember that a croupier is the visible face of the casino, and the casino always seeks to offer the best treatment to its customers so that they are happy and continue to enjoy the game. If the croupier is not up to the task, the user's experience can fall apart.

Another important aspect of a croupier's job performance is constant training. This must be updated so that these professionals know how to detect the most modern traps and avoid fraudulent practices in the casino. We must not forget that roguery is always the order of the day, so it is essential that the croupier knows how to detect these practices and put an end to them in case they occur.

How to be a good croupier

To be a good croupier, it is essential to combine good looks and people skills with specialized training, as well as mathematical and manual skills. While these skills can be improved during training, it is important to start with a good foundation to become a good croupier.

One thing to understand about the croupier is that he is not a hieratic figure. We are dealing with a professional who is not only in charge of ensuring the smooth running of the table, but is also the closest casino professional that the player will have during the game, so he will be the one who will receive the comments, suggestions and requests of the players at the table.

Once incorporated into the professional world, there is a whole network of casinos where it is possible to develop and grow as a croupier. The average salary of a croupier is around 18.000 euros gross per year, tips and incentives apart.

Therefore, it is an attractive base salary for those who wish to start their professional career at the gaming tables. Depending on the casino in which they are working, the conditions of their contract and other points to be specified by the house itself, the amount may rise based on the performance of the croupier, their schedule and the tables served.

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