Ema Zajmovic first ever female WPT champion

ema zojovic

Ema Zajmovic first ever female WPT champion

Canadian player Zajmovic becomes first ever woman to win an open World Poker Tour tournament.

Ema Zajmovic a regular cash player of the Montreal Poker Playground Club with a few breaks-in in international competitions, has become in first woman ever to win a partypoker.net WPT. N Guyen had won it before, but it was a Invitational WPT.

It is not the first time Zajmovic has made it to the Final Table. Last November Montreal World Poker Tour, Ema Zajmovic achieved the fifth position in the Montreal WPT that popular TV presenter Mike Sexton won. The popular Poker Hall of Fame comentator, who shared FT with her, has praised Zajmovic's game several times through his Twitter account. 

The tournament, with a buy-in of $3.500 gathered a field of 380 players, many of them regulars of international poker circuits. Six of them made it to Final Table where Zajmovic imposed her game from the beginning defeating Jean-Francois Brouchard after 62 hands.

Place Player Earnings (USD)
1 Ema Zajmovic $200,769
2 Jean-Francois Bouchard $130,208
3 Eric Afriat $83,608
4 Tam Ho $55,131
5 Mekhail Mekhail $42,462
6 Jean-Pascal Savard $35,146


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