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What is Habwin?

HabWin is a community of users interested in poker where we keep you up to date on all the latest news and the best gambling promotions. But in addition, Habwin is a platform dedicated to offering our users a comprehensive gaming experience.

If you play in your favorite rooms with your account created through HabWin, you will not only get the usual benefits offered by the room, but in Habwin you will receive an extra: HabCoins. HabCoins are our currency; With it you can shop in our online store, the HabStore, where you will not only find products, also occasional prizes and the possibility of hiring a coach and follow your poker training with our team of teachers.

For this and as affiliates of the best known rooms we offer you the best levels of cashback, in addition to exclusive promotions and the benefits of the VIP system as well as Welcome Bonuses. You can filter the rooms according to the network to which they belong or the device from which you can play, and link with HabWin as many accounts as you want!

As a user you can always access your updated information from the panel of your player profile, where you will get the reports of your rake generated in each room, hands and habcoins won so far. The total of your HabCoins corresponds to the sum of the HabCoins obtained in the different rooms where an account has been linked.

In summary, creating your account with us you will receive all these advantages:

  1. The best offers in a wide network of International Rooms.
  2. Exclusive promotions
  3. HabCoins to redeem for any item in our online store ... the more you play the more HabCoins you will get!
  4. Geolocated content, adjusting our content to the different game regulations according to the country and always in two versions: English and Spanish.
  5. Individualized attention, you can solve your doubts at any time through our online chat and check your reports and hands to download for free.
  6. Poker training offered by experts in the field.

Take a tour of our HabStore and discover the free items that can get! We have technology, motor products, sports ... we have many brands such as Fnac, Ikea, Zara, Just Eat, Game ... Use your habcoins and choose your gift!

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