Snap Poker: what is it and what is the best winning strategy?

It is a new poker modality designed to encourage action and reduce waiting times between games.

This allows the player to always have his eyes focused on the game, without distractions or absurd waits that end up by distracting him in most cases.

By means of snap poker, players have the opportunity to enjoy by means of groupings that are renewed in each hand. In addition, it includes changes in the income system: now, it is allowed to execute the withdrawal order out of turn, dealing a new hand on a randomly chosen table in a matter of seconds.

Snap Poker: what is it?

Snap poker, which is one of the most loved types of poker games by new players, has as its main advantage the drastic reduction of waiting times from the moment the player folds the hand, as well as at the moment of dealing a new one, making the action never stops and feels like a frantic game where the player has to prove his skills every minute.

Available in both tournaments and ring games, snap poker is based on groupings of players, randomly created at the time of matchmaking and altering as players enter and leave the hand. The withdrawal system also entails meeting the game through an instant matchmaking system, which allows all participants to stay in the game after withdrawing their funds out of turn with a new random assignment.

Speed is what characterizes snap poker, which is a game where players can also withdraw momentarily from the hand to observe through the Fold & Watch option, a button that all participants have available to withdraw from the hand at any time and become spectators of the game. 

An option that works as in any other online game, and that allows users not to leave the game, but not to participate if they do not want to play a hand. However, it is only available in cash games, since in tournaments the traditional ranking system is followed to establish the order of players and designate those who occupy the first positions.

How to play Snap Poker

In snap poker, strategy remains a basic pillar. The changes introduced in this game modality maintain the essence of traditional poker games, only that they add certain options to speed up the pace of the game and give more freedom to players, who can now withdraw funds out of turn, play in groups or be reassigned to new tables almost immediately.

Knowing how to play snap poker is fundamental to take advantage of all the benefits offered by this type of modality. The changes offered by snap poker are more structural than dynamic, as it is a type of game that differs from the traditional ones in the options offered to the players, and the system of joining and withdrawal, much more agile.

To play snap poker, you only have to select the game from the lobby that indicates that the game is of the snap type and start playing. Many rooms have a special tab to facilitate the search for the snap games of the rest. In turn, within the snap poker games menu, you can choose between tournaments or cash games. Note that some of the options are only available in cash games.

Each room may offer a different selection of snap poker tables, so you should take a look before you start playing to make sure you join the table that meets the conditions you are looking for.

Snap Poker Strategy

As you will soon see, the changes that snap poker introduces do not affect the way you approach the game, but are limited to offering options that make it easier to access higher quality play to enhance the experience. If you know your way around poker, you'll know how to play snap poker in no time. It's easy to get used to the small changes that snap poker introduces, so it's only a matter of time before you know how to play snap poker like a pro.

The strategy in snap poker does not differ much from traditional poker tables if you play one hand in isolation. Everything will be the same as always: the blinds, the order to talk, the streets... But there will be two crucial aspects that will change the game: the type of opponents in each hand, which will change (which gives a twist to the concept of reading the opponent), and the way to approach the game after a folded hand. In snap poker there is not a second of respite. This avoids playing hands out of boredom, since a new hand is received as soon as the cards are discarded.

What is the snap poker strategy based on? Stealing the blinds. Or, at least, that should be the priority approach for beginners. Stealing the blinds when we have a decent hand in the last positions is always recommended. Stealing the blinds is what will keep us alive in the game. We can face a raise x3 the blind. If they pay, we must attack the flop with a c-bet. This is the basis for learning how to play snap poker well.

Watch out for blind stealers, it is important to identify them to re-raise. Normally they will have a mediocre hand and will not put too much resistance to the re-raise.

Another important point is the initiative on the flop. It is feasible to pay the opponent's bet when we have equity. Two superior cards in our possession are already feasible to consider it.

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