Conservative strategies for sports betting: What are they?

As in any game, betting or not, it is necessary to have a specific strategy in order to obtain the best results. This is acquired mainly with the passage of time, but also by analyzing the plays of other expert players and, of course, through training. In the world of sports betting it is exactly the same, moreover, the player can make use of various sports betting strategies depending on the sport and the information available to him. These types of betting strategies also vary depending on whether they are conservative sports betting strategies or not. In this article we focus on the former. We also analyze what are the best safe sports betting strategies and what types there are. Read on! 

What are conservative sports betting strategies?

Conservative sports betting strategies are those in which the player takes less risk when betting. For example, it is not the same to place a bet in favor of a winning soccer team, than a bet in favor of a winning team but, in addition, with a 2/1 result and indicating the name of the scorers. Of course, the reward or amount that you can get for winning one type of bet or another varies considerably, obtaining a much smaller return on investment in the conservative bet since the success rate is higher.

The best strategies for safe sports betting

Strategies for safe sports betting can vary considerably depending on the bettor, and there are many types. It is not easy to talk about the best sports betting strategy because there are many parameters involved. In any case, it is possible to define the best strategy for sports betting in the most specific examples - in addition, of course, to the sport modality. For example, for titans, for home matches or for top players. At the level of safe sports betting, these are some of the recommended ones.

Sports betting strategies: Follow just one team

If you are going to bet on an occasional basis, what we recommend - at the beginning - is to focus on a single team and to get good information about it for a season. We advise you to watch the matches closely so that you can get to know their strengths and weaknesses in detail and your betting strategy will be more secure. Knowing your team well will also allow you to learn more about their rivals by investing the time you have to spare.

Sports betting strategies: Bet a maximum of 2% of your bankroll

Luck can change in a matter of seconds, even if all the indicators point in one direction. This is one of the principles of safe and conservative sports betting. It is for this reason that we recommend that you do not go overboard with the amount you bet and that you only allocate a maximum of 2% of the amount you have available from your budget so that you do not find yourself bankrupt from one game to the next. With this strategy you will have more possibilities of obtaining more profits, although in a slow and progressive way. Likewise, you will avoid the stress of having bet a very significant amount for a single event. 

Sports betting strategies: Ties

The draw is a very common result, especially in the world of soccer. It is for this reason that many bettors opt for this type of prediction, and bookmakers usually offer very interesting odds when the teams are unequal. As a fact of interest, the leagues in which most teams draw are usually the SmartBank League, Liga Santander, Ligue 1, Serie A, Premiere League and Bundesliga. In soccer, the most advisable is to bet on draws in teams with few goals and in -2.5 goals matches.

Sports betting strategies: low but very likely odds

Of course, one of the most popular betting strategies is to choose low odds, but with higher possibilities. Your profit will be very small, but with patience and some time you will be able to increase your winnings progressively. The best thing to do is to make bets at very low odds of between 1.00 € to 1.5 €. Also, prioritize sports with two selections, i.e. win or lose, but without a draw. 

Sports betting strategies: combination of low odds

If you want to increase your winnings a bit -or, at least, the opportunity to do so- you can also opt for combined bets for low odds, like the ones we explained in the previous point. Although the risk of loss increases, it does not increase so much because we handle events with great possibilities. 

Sports betting strategies: 2/3 or Trixie systems

The Trixie or 2/3 system is considered by many as the best strategy for sports betting. The reason for this is because this type of betting is the simplest type of betting in the forecasting mode. Actually, what you are doing in this case is betting on three different events and you only need to be right on two of them to win. This means that the chances of winning are very high (66%). This type of bet is, in turn, a type of system bet, which are combined bets in which it is not essential to hit on all the selections. The disadvantage, however, is that the odds are lower.

More conservative types of strategies

We have already seen several conservative betting strategies. If we focus on the different types, we will find single bets (the most basic ones), combination bets (such as Trixie) and custom bets (for this type of bets we can place conservative bets taking into account the chances of each team). However, all of them offer low odds, so if you want to increase your winnings significantly, you will have to opt for riskier bets. Here you can learn about the best aggressive strategies for sports betting

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