Asian handicap: what is Asian handicap in soccer and how does it work?

The world of betting is very extensive and wide. From the first sports bets in Ancient Greece to the present day, many changes, types and different modalities have arisen. The world of soccer, on the other hand, gives us endless possibilities to enjoy these, having the option to add more excitement to the bets and get more benefits with them. In this article we are going to tell you about one of them, we will explain what is Asian handicap in soccer and how the Asian handicap works. Let's get to it!

What is Asian handicap in soccer?

The Asian handicap is a very popular type of bet, used to give excitement to the game. This type of betting is characterized by the fact that it involves a higher level of difficulty, since it is used to even out the disadvantage that one team or player may have over another. Although the history of soccer is wonderful and every so often we find surprises and totally unexpected comebacks, such as the mythical proclamation as champion of Atletico Madrid in La Liga 2013-14 against all odds -and defeating Barça and Madrid-, Iceland's qualification for Euro 2016 after finishing second in Group A or Greece's victory in Euro 2004, with bets that paid their victory up to 80 euros for each euro bet.

Now, what exactly does Asian handicap mean? If we make a literal translation of the word, we find that handicap means handicap. To a certain extent the term is related to its meaning since a handicap is a disadvantage of one team or player over another, regardless of whether he is the favorite or not. The handicap is used in bets where there is a clear favorite so that a plus of difficulty is added, however, it increases the value of the odds

How the Asian handicap works

The Asian handicap is one of the most popular types of handicaps, although it is also one of the most complex. This is so because it gives you the possibility of winning or losing, but also of getting your money back -depending on the line (option) you choose-. As it is obvious, this makes the investment more profitable for the players, since the odds are higher, however, it also increases the difficulty in a parallel way. In this section we explain the main Asian handicap betting options with examples, so that there are no doubts. Keep in mind that this type of bets can be found in several lines or options, and that these are expressed in different values starting with the Asian handicap 0.0, Asian handicap -1.0, Asian handicap -1.25, Asian handicap -1.5, Asian handicap -1.75, Asian handicap -2.0 and so on. The higher the values, the more difficult it is to win the bet, but the higher the odds and therefore the reward. 

What does Asian handicap 0.0 mean?

This type of betting means that the score is not altered. Actually, there is no difference with a bet without handicap. In this type of bet, if the match ends in a draw, the bet is void and you get your money back. It is like betting directly on a draw.

What does Asian handicap -1.0 mean? 

This is the easiest case to understand within the Asian handicap. Imagine that you place a bet of 10 euros on this line and for an odds of 1.30. In order to win the bet, the team must win with an advantage of two goals (or more) -for example, 2-0, because if you deduct (-1) it would still win and would not draw-. In this case, the odds are multiplied in full by 1.30, which would generate a reward of 11.30 euros. However, if the team wins, but with a difference of one goal, the bet is considered void and you will be refunded the 10 euros invested. In case of a draw you will not get your money back. 

What does Asian handicap -1.25 mean? 

An Asian handicap -1.25 means that you will win the bet if the preferred team (with advantage) scores two goals, as in the previous case. However, if they only win by one goal, you will receive half the stake. In this case, the odds are higher than the previous one.

What does Asian handicap -1.5 mean? 

To understand what Asian handicap -1.5 means, it should be noted that there will be only one winning bet: when the preferred team wins by a difference of two goals. In case there is no two goals difference, the match is drawn or lost, the player will also lose the bet placed.

What does Asian handicap -1.75 mean? 

Undoubtedly, the Asian handicap with an advantage of 1.75 is the most difficult to understand because there are several variables at stake. We see it with an example for an odds of 1.50 and a bet of 5 euros. In this case you must take into account the following possibilities:

  • The team with advantage wins with a goal difference: half of the stake (2.5 euros) is returned to the player and the other half (2.5 euros) is multiplied by the odds (which gives 3.75 euros). The total sum of both parts would give a profit for the player of 6.25 euros.
  • The team with the advantage wins with a difference of three goals or more: In this case, the odds are multiplied in full by the money wagered. This would give a total of 7.5 euros.

Difference between Asian handicap and European handicap

There are several types of handicaps, one of the most popular is the European handicap, also known as three-way handicap. This one is easier to understand, as you can see in this article. In short, we clarify that with the European handicap you will be able to win or lose, but you will not have the possibility of getting your bet back, as it happens with the Asian handicap. In this case you have three lines or actions that you can carry out: handicap for team with advantage, handicap for draw and handicap for team with disadvantage.

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