Formula 1 betting for the European tour: forecasts and trends

May has traditionally been the month in which the tour of the old continent has begun as far as motorsport is concerned. With the kick-off in Spain, where Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz are racing at home, the start of the central body of the F1 season gets underway, with almost all the teams developing their cars to be able to perform at their best on classic circuits such as Montmeló, Monaco or Silverstone.

The hopes that Aston Martin has placed with Fernando Alonso at the wheel, having achieved three consecutive podiums in the first three Grand Prix of the 2023 season, has made many channel their bets and direct their eyes to the odds on the Spanish drivers, since Carlos Sainz, with the degradation problems seem to be solved completely by Ferrari, has made him join the party of drivers with the possibility of aspiring to everything throughout what will be the longest season in the history of Formula 1.

Formula 1 2023: upside bets for the European Tour

Formula 1 betting does not work very differently from other sports. The peculiarity here is that we are talking about a sport in which you can bet on a multitude of events, teams and drivers, with 20 or even more throughout the year having played a Grand Prix. That makes for a tremendous disparity in odds, which indicates a greater risk, but a potentially significant reward.

Red Bull are the clear favorites. With Max Verstappen having won two consecutive drivers' world championships, after a heart-stopping finish in Abu Dhabi 2021 and with an insulting superiority in 2022, when he revalidated his championship title in the chaotic Japanese Grand Prix that would leave Eduardo Freitas out of Race Direction due to the controversy with the crane incident, are back this year with a car that has proven to have an overwhelming pace in the race, an unquestionable top speed with DRS open and a stability in cornering and braking that makes them the reference for another year.

Aston Martin, and more specifically Fernando Alonso, are in all the pools. The AMR23 seems to be a car capable of achieving podiums continuously, although it is true that luck has benefited it with the retirements of Charles Leclerc and the irregular pace of Mercedes.

The German team seems to have taken an important step forward in Australia, although it remains to be seen what the silver arrows will decide to do, as their design without pontoons seems to have worked wonders at Albert Park, but not at circuits such as Jeddah or Bahrain.

Expectations for Formula 1 betting from May onwards

Verstappen, Alonso and Hamilton are in the top 3 of the F1 bets of the last races, and everything points to the fact that they will continue to be in the next ones. But don't forget that, this year, with the application of the budget cap and the extra development time in Aston Martin's wind tunnel (37% more than Red Bull), it may tip the balance in their favor.

Mike Krack, head of the Aston Martin team, has confirmed that improvements are expected in Baku and on the European tour, at classic circuits such as Imola and at races with peculiar characteristics, such as Monaco or Canada.

What seems clear is that almost all sporting bets in F1 will revolve around Red Bull, Mercedes AMG, Aston Martin and Scuderia Ferrari, if they show regularity, consistency and a substantial improvement in tire degradation that seems to have been confirmed at Albert Park.

Therefore, it is an exciting season where the big teams have to start the development race at the front, and where a team that comes from having performed more than discreetly in 2022, rubs shoulders with the big teams. With the good fortune to see, on board, the Spanish legend from Asturias in what will presumably be his last F1 contract.

In F1, betting can be done in different ways: you can bet on the victory, on the final results of the classification as they remain at the end of the race, on the performance of each team, on the DNFs, on the appearance of the safety car... the possibilities are many, although it is worth taking a look at what each bookie offers and choose, obviously, the one that offers the best odds.

While Formula 1 betting fans were still making predictions as usual, the passion for the sport and the fact that Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz are back is another incentive to bet on ours.

It is important to see, however, what happens in the Azerbaijan GP and to what extent the first sensations are confirmed. The conclusions drawn after the last Grand Prix before the start of the European tour in May will determine the Formula 1 trends, the bets made during the bulk of the summer months and the variations in the odds-on minority teams.

F1 betting: teams in the top 3 of predictions

The Formula 1 betting odds have three main protagonists in their predictions: Red Bull Racing, Aston Martin and Mercedes AMG. Although Ferrari is one of the great teams, after the first three races its performance has left more doubts than answers. And, as a sport with a legion of betting fans, F1 goes by the most recent results.

A popular saying that holds true in F1 is that you are only as good as your last race. This, beyond being a phrase to remember, has its effect in real life. Quotas can rise or fall after a poor performance, no matter how much potential a team has or how many improvements have been brought to a circuit. Consistency is a key factor in motorsport, and it drives many of the trends that shape most forecasts.

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