7 rookie mistakes you make when playing poker

Many people think that learning to play poker is an overnight thing, but the reality is quite different. Poker is a game of evolution. The more you play, the more you learn.

When you start to enter the world of real poker, you will realize that the competition is very cruel and will try to beat you by all means. For that reason, to stop being a novice, you must not only practice a lot, but you must also stop making the most common mistakes. Remember, not only do you have to know them, you also have to take measures to avoid those mistakes.

Take breaks during the game

A very common mistake of novices is not to stop during the game. They want to do everything at once and that causes them to make very important mistakes. These mistakes are often not caused by lack of knowledge, but by fatigue.

For this reason, if you want to play and have a chance of winning, the best thing to do is to rest every so often, especially if the game starts to drag on. The purpose of the break is to disconnect from the game and allow the brain to catch its breath. With a break of a few minutes you will refresh yourself and come back to the game with more strength. How often should you take a break? When you see that the brain starts to be loaded and needs a break.

As you can see, in official tournaments there are mandatory rest periods. These breaks are imposed because the developers know that the players' brains must be oxygenated.

Not trying to recover losses

One of the most common mistakes in Texas Hold'em by rookies as Habwin professionals inform us is to try to recover what has been lost. A professional player knows when to play and when to stop.

On the other hand, novice players always make the same mistake. When they see that they are losing and are not going through a good run, they quickly want to recover what they have lost. This makes them make bad decisions because of their ambition and consequently the losses are greater. It is very rare the novice player who, in his eagerness to recover, really recovers. For that reason, if you really notice that you are not having a good time, stop and leave it for another time.

Open many tables

Novices always want to win and that can cause them to open many tables at once. This is a good option for professionals, but for beginners it is a mistake. You should always focus on one play to have more chances of winning. Many open tables make the probability of making mistakes grow and that is not in our interest.

In the first place, you should only focus on one table and as you increase your knowledge and skills you should open new tables. But in the beginning, you should not exceed six tables at a time, as indicated by Habwin.

Bad time management

Another common mistake to avoid to have more options to win the different poker games.

When playing games and tournaments it is important to manage time well. The objective is to leave margin to continue the game in case it is necessary. That extra time should not directly affect other important activities in your personal life. If it does, you will be in a hurry to finish and losses are almost guaranteed. Whenever you play, take it easy. If you are in a hurry, leave the game for another time.

Mixing buy-ins

It has been shown in many studies that starting players always tend to shuffle buy-ins.

To avoid problems, the best thing to do is to try to focus on the tournament and not open higher tournaments to try to win more. We have found that this tendency almost never works out well.

You should not only focus on the tournament you are playing. It is also important to know how to sign up for tournaments linked to the level of play we have. We will have time to play tournaments at a higher level. The important thing is to be prepared and thus have a chance to win.

Take care of your health

The game of poker is important, but more important is your health. You should always take care of it as much as possible and you should avoid that poker can affect it.

The game can stress you and that is not in your best interest. If you notice that you are not well, you should stop and return to play when you find that you are fit. And of course, you should avoid narcotic substances and alcohol. It will give you the sensation of dominating more the game session, but really it is all fictitious. All that will make you make wrong decisions and your health will worsen significantly.

Don't neglect the conditions of the game

The eagerness to get on the table and play is very big. That makes many players sit down to play without knowing how to play or what the conditions are. In this case, the probability of losing is maximum.

To avoid problems, you should always be aware of what you are doing and master. That is to say, before starting to play with money you must master the game. And to achieve this mastery, free games are the best option. A demo game is of the same quality, but mistakes are not paid with money. Until a player is aware that he can win, he should not sit at the pay table.

Novices always try to imitate the pros, but they don't really know what they are doing. That always translates into losses, which is not in our interest.

Each player must have his own strategy. It is important to follow the pros, but then you must follow your own moves to have a chance of winning.

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