When to raise the limit in poker? Watch this strategy

Poker is an exciting world from which there is much to learn. There is no fixed rule or law as to when to raise your limit or level, but there are times when you simply have to take the plunge if you want to advance and continue to grow in the game rather than remain stuck in the game. However, it is not always advisable to do so. You need to be prepared for it, because if you get ahead of yourself, you may lose quite a bit of your bankroll and even go bankrupt. In this article we explain what you should consider before you level up (or start playing at higher stakes tables than usual) so that you can improve your winnings when the time comes. We explain some tips to keep in mind about limits in poker. Let's get to it!

What are the different levels of poker?

When we talk about poker levels, we are mainly referring to cash games. That is, those in which the chips at stake are equivalent to real money. The levels, in these cases, depend on the bankroll you have available to play, but also on your skills. This will determine the amount of money you can win or lose. Keep in mind that the more poker levels you go up, the more money you can get, but you will also encounter more professionals and the difficulty will be higher. These are the different levels you can find:

  • Micro limit poker: Micro limit poker is equivalent to the lowest stakes. That is, they are tables where the blinds are $0.01 - $0.02 / $0.05 - $0.1. As you can imagine, the amount you can win or lose is minimal. It is therefore an excellent option for beginners. Micro limit poker often employs the strategy of optimising the value of big hands in order to make the most profit from them by only folding your cards to win a pot from the right opponents. It is not about being the best or most efficient player.
  • Low level poker: The blinds in this case are usually worth about $0.1 - $0.2 / $0.25 - $0.5. At these levels players are encouraged to take poker a little more seriously.
  • Poker mid-levels: The blinds at this level usually comprise the values of $0.5 - $1 / $1 - $2. In these levels we can find many semi-professionals who earn a bonus or even a full salary from poker.
  • High level poker: The values, in this case, are $2 - $4 / $10 - $20. These are very professional levels where the presence of weak players is practically non-existent. The tables are usually not very numerous and it is difficult to get to them and keep going. However, the amount of money that can be won at these levels is much higher than a normal salary.
  • High stakes: In this case, we are talking about a level reserved only for the poker elite. Here we can find values such as $25 - $50 / $500 - $1000. These are the big poker games in which famous players take part and which have a great expectation every time they are played.

Learn how to manage your bankroll properly

We have already seen what are the different levels in poker, now let's see some strategies and tips to keep in mind to be able to make a level up poker and improve our situation. The first and most important thing - as we have already explained on several occasions - is to learn how to manage your bankroll. If you play above your means you may win for a while, but when a bad streak comes - and in poker they are inevitable - you will not be able to sustain the fluctuation and you will immediately go bankrupt. That means starting again from scratch and going down a level. Keep in mind that the higher you set your bankroll number, the easier it will be to withstand swings - or ups and downs in your poker account.

A suitable limit is 25 buy-ins to move up in S&Go tournaments and 100 buy-ins in MTT tournaments. However, it's not just about numbers, it's about strategy. When you're making the switch, it's important to be confident that you can win at the higher stakes. If you find that you are finding it too difficult, then you'd better take some time to analyse where you are going wrong and try to improve your poker strategy and skills.

Level ups should be progressive

Of course, and related to the previous point, level ups in poker should be progressive. A poker level up is an evolution achieved by increasing your bankroll and your experience in the game. Keep in mind that when you make the leap from one level to another you will face tougher opponents, so the more progressive the change, the smaller the difference in experience and the more likely you are to win and not be humiliated at the first table.

Confidence, a key factor in poker levels

As we said at the beginning, and in contrast to the previous point, there are those who spend months and months at the same level without making the leap to another when they would be perfectly capable of doing so. This results in a waste of time and money, as the player could be adding much higher stakes to his bankroll. So it is important that you are confident in your moves and have confidence in your game. Keep in mind that the game is the same, you just need to pay more attention to analysing your new opponents and expand your strategies to be successful. If you don't feel confident, we recommend that you save up enough buy-ins so that in the event of a setback you can go back to the previous level and the blow won't be so hard - which will also give you the opportunity to raise at another time and without so much hassle.

Don't be afraid of level drops

As we have mentioned several times, swings are an inevitable part of this popular card game. Dropping doesn't mean you're worse, it means you've hit a rough patch. This will help you to gain experience and to know how to play better at higher levels next time

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