What is the stake in betting and how to calculate it?

One of the measures that you should always take into account when placing sports bets is the stake. Surely you have heard of it or have seen it written in several bookmakers, it is not surprising considering its importance. In this article we explain what stake means in betting, how to calculate it and how it works. Read on to find out more!

What is stake in sports betting

In reality, the definition of stake can be confusing depending on the region in which it is discussed. For example, sometimes when answering what is the stake in sports betting, we find ourselves in front of a concept that has to do with the amount that we invest in a bet, but with the particularity that this amount represents a percentage of the capital that each player has available. However, the other definition of stake has to do with the subjective assignment that is given to the probability that a prediction will be fulfilled -which is why we must always be realistic and avoid falling into self-deception-.

The stake is, in fact, a mixture of both concepts. As we said, it has to do with the amount we invest in a bet and the figure is expressed as a percentage, although this should not exceed, in any case, 10% of our total bankroll. But also with the measure that serves to increase our chances of winning significantly. When placing a sports bet, we must always consider the confidence we have in it, as well as the value and the possibility of the selection.

How stake works in sports betting

The stake offers us a series of measurement ranges thanks to which we can know what is the confidence of the bet, so we can get an idea of how much money we should bet and on what. And the truth is that there are many players who do not know how important the stake is in sports betting, which is why they not only lose in the short term but also in the long term. Choosing correctly the stake value you decide what is the exact amount with which it is profitable to enter a bet, however, keep in mind that this figure (percentage or value that you give) is decided based on subjective parameters and the knowledge that we have of a particular event.

Do you have doubts about what is a stake 10 in betting or what is stake 5 in betting? What does stake 3 in betting mean? The stake values are expressed on a scale of values ranging from 1 to 10, each of them expressing a different possibility. Let's see!

What is stake 1 in sports betting

They are very unlikely bets, so it is recommended to bet little - now, if they were to happen, they would be very profitable. An example would be an epic comeback or an upset of a Segunda B team. If we talk about betting units (1% of the amount we have to bet), the amount to bet in this case should be between the average and the betting unit (0.5% and 1%).

What is stake 2 in sports betting

It is another type of unlikely bets, very similar to the previous one, although with a slight probability. In this case, it is recommended to bet between 1 and 2 betting units, not more. In them we put a small amount of our bankroll for a high odds, so the investment would be profitable in case it happens.

What does stake 3 mean in sports betting

This type of bets are a little safer than the previous ones, although they still play with the surprise value. For example, an Espanyol-FC Barcelona where there is a clear favorite, but the opponent usually puts up a fight. Our recommendation is not to bet from 1.5 to 3 units (the odds are still high).

What is stake 4 in sports betting

We move in a very similar range to stake 3. In this case it is not recommended to bet more than 4 betting units or less than 2.

What is stake 5 in sports betting

In stake 5 things get more complicated, which means that they are not as feasible as the previous ones. The odds are still above 1.6, but below 2. This would be the case of a match between the big teams without a clear favorite. We recommend you to bet from 2.5 to 5 betting units.

What is stake 6 in sports betting

They are very similar to the bets with stake 5. In them you will find supported predictions, although the data are not absolute. For example, teams that are on a good run and therefore have a chance of winning. We recommend you to bet between 3 and 6 betting units.

What is stake 7 in sports betting

The stake 7 in sports betting is a value that is related to clear favorites. Therefore, it is a fairly likely bet, but with a low odds. However, in this type of stakes we can add something else, such as a last minute change, to increase the odds. An example of this type of stake would be a Real Madrid match against a mid-table team. In this case it is recommended to place bets between 3.5 and 7 betting units.

What is stake 8 in sports betting

It is a stake very similar to the previous one, the most representative example would be that of a favorite, such as Barça against one in the relegation zone. In this case, it is advisable to bet between 4 and 8 betting units to be profitable.

What is stake 9 in sports betting

The stake 9 falls within the range of safe bets. Those in which there should not be any unforeseen event and it is very likely to occur. For example, the victory of a favorite over another (regardless of the number of goals). The odds are usually very low, which is why we look for specific goals, handicap and so on -which makes the stake go down at the same time-. It is advisable to bet between 4.5 and 9 betting units.

What is a stake 10 in sports betting

It is a more than improbable fact, it would be a bet on a fixed match, for example, in which you know 100% who is going to win -although at the moment of truth there can always be unforeseen events-. In this case, it would make sense to bet between 5 and 10 betting units.

How to calculate the stake of a bet

To calculate the stake and the assignment of the values, you should look for a fairness in the bets you make, that is to say, it is no use to hit many of little value and fail the ones that have more -for example-. In fact, there are times in which a bettor with a very low percentage of successes can win more than another with many successes depending on the type of bets and the amount at stake. The fundamental thing, in any case, is to make an optimal allocation of the stake. There is a formula that can provide a fairly accurate forecast. It is as follows: Bet = (Bankroll x Full Stake x Value assigned to the stake) / 10. The Full Stake would correspond to a subjective value that has to do with our taste for risk.

It is recommended that most of the bets move between stake 5-8 as they have an excellent relationship between probability and odds. Bets 9-10 are unlikely, so you won't have many chances to place them, and bets 1-2 are risky. Try 3-4 bets if you have inside information.

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