Paroli system in sports betting: what is it?

The Paroli system is a strategy widely used by fans of some casino games, such as roulette. However, despite being well known in the field of gambling, the Paroli system is perfectly applicable to sports betting. The name Paroli comes from the Latin "par" meaning "one that is equal".

This strategy is based on two basic principles: on the one hand, if you win, you increase your bet with a part of the winnings, being able to choose the amount you bet, and the important thing is that it exceeds the amount of the bet previously placed. On the other hand, if you lose, you place a new bet with the initial amount, starting the cycle again.

What is the Paroli system in sports betting?

Winning by minimizing the money at risk is the basis of the Paroli system. It is a method of winning systematically by betting the right amount of money, helping to maintain motivation and a proactive and positive attitude in the face of a run of irretrievable losses. It is one of the most widely used methods for those looking for a way to establish a long-term winning routine, and its effectiveness has been proven.

Do you know the Martingale strategy? In this method, the basis is to double the bet after each loss. It is a method that can bring profits, but it has the disadvantage that, in a losing streak, the bets tend to grow very quickly and easily exceed the possibilities that the budget allows the player. This means that the player can lose a large amount of money all at once despite having managed to maintain a good winning streak, which does not pay off.

The Paroli system works in reverse. Progression with this system occurs after each winning round, so when a player wins, he doubles his bet. This makes the Paroli method more accessible by having to take less risk up front. Any novice who knows what the Paroli system is can apply it, as no advanced knowledge is required to apply it.

Keep in mind that the Paroli system is usually adapted to low odds, being necessary to lean towards bets where the estimated probability of success is high. It allows you to decide how much and when to increase the stake after a success, so it is a flexible system, adapted to what the user wants at any given moment.

This makes it an ideal system for those who are looking for a conservative betting strategy, being able to choose when the stack goes up and by how much. In strategies such as Martingale, this is not possible, which results in the player being forced to place a bet of an unwanted size.

However, with the Paroli method it is necessary to respect the cycles, regardless of the sport you are betting on: football, basketball or any other sport. Following the cycle structure of the Paroli system is essential for it to work.

Advantages of the Paroli system and examples

Now that you know what the Paroli system is, you know what the main strengths of this system are. It makes the stack more flexible; it is designed to have a long-term effect, you can increase your bets while withdrawing part of your winnings, it is an easy system to modify as you can choose the maximum bet limit and you can start again with a small bet if you want to.

Paroli's method is based on streaks. As such, it consists of doubling the bet for each turn in which we have been victorious until we reach a maximum limit of three consecutive victories.

Here is an example of how this system works:

  • Soft bet on the first turn. You always start by betting 1 currency unit, a constant bet as long as you don't generate anything but losses. But in case of a win, the amount wagered will be doubled compared to the previous turn.
  • Second turn, after the victory. Now we bet 2 monetary units. If we lose, we restart the bet and bet 1 unit again. But if we win, then we will double the last bet, i.e. we will bet 4 units in the third turn.
  • Third turn. This is where the progression ends, regardless of the outcome. The Paroli system is not based on the infinite concatenation of bets, but sets a limit whatever the outcome. This guarantees the stability of the winnings and prevents massive losses.

Is the Paroli system safe?

The Paroli method is one of the safest ways to establish a roadmap for your bets that will allow you to win in the long term. However, it does have a number of disadvantages that you need to be aware of.

  • It relies on streaks. One of its main strengths is also its main weakness. If there is no positive streak, it is not possible to exploit the benefits of the Paroli system. Moreover, if you hit on the first turn, but not on the other two, the balance is zero.
  • If the victories do not occur in the same progression, the benefit vanishes. It may happen that all three wins occur, but if they are not part of the same progression, the potential of the system is gone. The three wins can occur in a row or not, but they must always be part of the same progression system.
  • It requires setting a maximum amount per own account. Although it is an effective and efficient system for conservative users, it is highly recommended that you set a cap on the amount of capital you are willing to put at stake in your bets. If you do not do so, you run the risk of having to face consecutive losses if the negative streak is prolonged. Losses that you should also calculate in order to decide when to pull out.

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