Corner bets: what they are, how they work and types of bets

If you want to learn how to bet, knowing the different types of bets you can make will help you choose the most suitable type of play to make your predictions. This article is dedicated to betting on corners, and we are going to explain clearly and directly what they are and how they work.

What are corner bets?

They are a specific type of sports betting that focuses precisely on the number of corners that will take place in a match. What does the number of corners depend on? Well, it always depends on the number of times the ball crosses the goal line, both in the air and on the ground, after touching a defender of the opposing team.

What usually happens is that the attacking team tries to put the ball across the goal area from the sides, and that can lead to a corner if one of the defenders deflects the ball off the goal line.

What's the fun of this type of betting? Well, they focus on one type of corner kick and allow you to make a prediction on how many times a corner kick will be awarded in a match. Note that corners will then have a direct impact on your odds when betting. With any other type of bet, the number of times a corner is awarded will be virtually irrelevant.

How corner betting works

To understand the dynamics of corner betting, let's take a look at these aspects:

  • Betting line. In this type of betting, you establish what is known as a "betting line", the estimated number of corners that will be awarded in the whole match. What you must do is decide whether you think there will be more corners than the proposed line or less.
  • Time of duration. You can also look at the times of the match and place your bet based on the corners of the first half, the second half or the match as a whole. Take a good look at which part your bet applies to.
  • Specific team. Note that some corner bets allow you to bet on a specific team. It can be interesting to have a strategic approach in case you have good data on the teams that tend to win more corners.
  • Live betting. Live betting is usually a popular option for corner betting. This way, you can watch the game unfold and adjust your prediction according to the game.
  • Analysis and statistics. Analyzing the statistical data of the teams can allow you to establish average values for predicting the corners of a match.

Strategy for corner bets

In order to try to hit the nail on the head, you must draw up a strategy. Aim:

  • Do your research first. It is important that you do a more or less deep research of the teams, players and their basic data. You don't need to go CSI style, but you do need to know the essential data.
  • Study the strategy of offensive teams. Each team tends to play differently in both attack and defense, so analyzing this can help you establish the tendency of the participants to induce corner kicks.
  • Field conditions and weather conditions. A match in adverse conditions can lead to more corners than one played in undisturbed weather, so keep an eye on the forecast.
  • Follow it live. This is a no-brainer if you are betting live. We don't think you'd place a live bet with your eyes closed or looking at your cell phone, but you get our point. Pay attention to what's going on in the game.
  • Set a budget. This is more for you than anything else, so you don't blow your bankroll.

Types of corner bets

There are several types of corner bets. Broadly speaking, they are these:

  • Plus/minus corners. This is the basic formula. You can bet if there will be more or less corners than the line established by the bookie.
  • Exact number of corners. This is the most challenging type, because it demands maximum precision. Either you hit the nail on the head, or your prediction goes in the trash.
  • First corner. You can choose which team will get the first corner of the match. Important nuance. OBTAINS, i.e., takes the kick. It is not the team that gets the first corner, but the opposite.
  • Corners per team. You can bet on the number of corners a team will get during the match. Not a bad idea if you think you know the strengths and weaknesses of a team.
  • Corner handicap. With this bet you can give or receive an advantage in terms of corners to even the odds in a match.

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