The Most Influential Women in Texas Hold'em Poker History


In the world of Texas Hold'em poker, women have made a significant mark, proving that the game is not exclusively for men. Here, we present a detailed look at eight of the best female poker players of all time, their impressive achievements, and how they have changed the face of poker.

Vanessa Selbst playing in live poker tournament

Vanessa Selbst - The Most Successful Poker Player in History

With an impressive poker career, Vanessa Selbst has earned respect in the industry as the most successful female poker player in history. Selbst has won over $11.8 million in live tournament winnings, the highest amount ever won by a woman to date. She is the only woman to have reached number 1 in the Global Poker Index rankings. Selbst is a name that every Texas Hold'em poker enthusiast should know.

A daring strategist, Vanessa Selbst is known for her bold playing style, always standing out for her ability to read her opponents and for her ability to make tough decisions in critical moments. Her victory in the main event of the Partouche Poker Tour in 2010 is a perfect example of her bold and strategic gameplay. In a crucial moment of the tournament, Selbst decided to go all-in with a potential straight against her opponents, a move that turned out to be the right one and catapulted her to victory. She has used these daring tactics and her deep understanding of poker math to create a lasting impact on the game.

Kathy Liebert at a poker tournament

Kathy Liebert - The Poker Pioneer

Kathy Liebert is one of the most consistent poker players of all time. She was the first woman to win a tournament with a prize of $1 million, an achievement she achieved at the Party Poker Million in 2002. With over $6.2 million in live tournament winnings, Liebert has set a high standard in the world of poker. Consistency has been the key to Kathy Liebert's success. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated her ability to go far in tournaments and to remain competitive even at the highest levels of poker. Her victory at the inaugural Party Poker Million event in 2002 showcased her ability to remain calm under pressure and to play smartly and strategically. Liebert's playing style is known to be calculated and methodical, and she has become a role model for many women aspiring to make a name for themselves in the world of poker.

Annette Obrestad celebrating her WSOPE win

Annette Obrestad - The Youngest Champion

Annette Obrestad is a Norwegian poker player who became the youngest champion of a WSOP main event by winning the WSOPE a day before turning 19 years old. Her victory at the WSOPE earned her a prize of over $2 million and marked her place in poker history. Annette Obrestad is known for her successful transition from online poker to live poker. She started playing online poker when she was only 15 years old and quickly became one of the best online players. Her ability to read her opponents and make strategic decisions has allowed her to succeed in live poker. Her victory in the 2007 WSOPE demonstrated her ability to handle the pressure of live tournaments and her ability to adapt to different playing styles.

Liv Boeree at the poker table

Liv Boeree - The Iron Maiden of Poker

Liv Boeree, also known as the "Iron Maiden" of poker, is one of the most prominent players of the past decade. She has won over $3.5 million in poker tournaments and has demonstrated exceptional skill in the game. Liv Boeree, with her background in astrophysics, brings a scientific approach to poker. She uses her deep understanding of mathematics and statistics to make decisions at the poker table. This strategy has worked well for her, as demonstrated in 2010 when she won the main event of the EPT in San Remo. Boeree has been an advocate for scientific education and has used her platform in poker to promote the importance of science.

Maria Ho commentating at a poker event

Maria Ho - The Poker Ambassador

Maria Ho, who has won over $4 million in live tournaments, is one of the most recognized and respected poker players today. She is known for her work as a poker commentator and presenter, and she is a brilliant ambassador for the game. Maria Ho has demonstrated her ability to adapt to different playing styles and different opponents. She has reached the final table in numerous major WSOP events and has demonstrated her skill in both tournaments and cash games. In addition to her skills at the poker table, Ho has been a great ambassador for poker, demonstrating her versatility by commenting and presenting various poker events.

Victoria Coren Mitchell at the European Poker Tour

Victoria Coren Mitchell - The Lady of the European Poker Tour

Victoria Coren Mitchell, a British journalist and television presenter, became the first woman to win a main event of the European Poker Tour (EPT) in 2006. Then, in 2014, she made history again by becoming the first person to win two main EPT events. To date, she has won over $2.4 million in live poker tournaments. A Deep Thinking Player, in addition to her poker achievements, she is also a writer and columnist, adding an extra dimension to her approach to the game. She has a unique way of thinking about poker, applying her sharp intellect and critical thinking ability to every hand she plays. When she won her second EPT title in 2014, she displayed great emotional control and exceptional hand-reading skills, overcoming tough competition at the final table. Her presence in poker has elevated the status of the game, demonstrating that it is as much a game of skill as it is of strategy.

Jennifer Harman at the "Big Game" at the Bellagio

Jennifer Harman - The Force at the Gaming Tables

Jennifer Harman is one of the best poker players and one of the most respected in the game. Throughout her career, she has won two WSOP bracelets and has reached 12 WSOP final tables, an impressive feat for any poker player. Harman has also demonstrated her skill at the highest cash game tables and is a regular in the "Big Game" at the Bellagio. Jennifer Harman is known for her resilience both at the poker table and in life. She has overcome numerous obstacles, including serious health issues, to reach the top of the poker world. Harman is widely respected for her ability to compete at the highest level cash games and for her ability to read her opponents. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated an incredible ability for the game and amazing resilience, making her a role model for future generations of poker players.

Annie Duke at the NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship

Annie Duke - The Lady of Poker

Annie Duke, sister of the also famous poker player Howard Lederer, has been a force to be reckoned with in poker for years. Duke has a WSOP bracelet and has won over $4.2 million in live tournaments. In 2010, she won the prestigious NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship, defeating some of the world's best players in the process. She has been a tactical and strategic player throughout her poker career. Known for her ability to remain calm under pressure and make critical decisions at crucial moments, she has shown a high level of skill in the game. A WSOP bracelet winner and the prestigious NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship, Duke is known for her aggressive and tactical approach at the poker table.

Barbara Enright at the WSOP main event final table

Barbara Enright - The First Woman at the WSOP Final Table

Barbara Enright is the only woman to have reached the final table of the WSOP main event, a feat she achieved in 1995. Enright also has three WSOP bracelets and has won over $1.6 million in live poker tournaments. She has been a true pioneer in the world of poker. She is the only woman to have reached the final table of the WSOP main event, as she demonstrated in 1995. Enright is an extremely disciplined and methodical player, and she has used these skills to carve a place for women in a world dominated by men.

Each of these women has brought something unique to the game of poker. They have shown that poker is not just a game of luck, but also a game of skill, strategy, and mental endurance. Their impact on the game has been significant, and they have left a lasting mark on the history of Texas Hold'em poker. These players have shown that anyone, regardless of gender, can succeed in poker if they have the skill, determination, and passion for the game.

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