The 5 best Spanish poker players of the moment

Do you want to meet the best Spanish poker players? Winners of the most prestigious events and tournaments, these players have tasted success on more than one occasion.

Years and years of dedication and effort have allowed them to accumulate hundreds of thousands of euros in their accounts, if not a million. Young and dedicated players who have managed to take their skill with cards to the highest levels.

Below, we introduce you to the best Spanish poker players today.

The best Spanish poker players of the moment

In our country we have excellent poker players, some of which have won more than one bracelet in the mythical and coveted World Series of Poker championship and have pocketed large sums of money thanks to their ability and skill with the cards.

We have left out in this list a good number of players who, without a doubt, deserve to be included in a ranking of the best Spanish poker players. We are referring to players of the stature of Ana Márquez, considered the second-best Spanish poker player, Juan Manuel Pastor, one of the great veterans and national references, or Lucas Blanco.

As a poker lover, you must know these great names. Besides them, you can't forget the ones we mention below.

Adrian Mateos

Considered an ace of national and international poker, Adrian Mateos does not stop reaping success.

The last one in Monte Carlo, where Mateos added 1.4 million euros to his account. A figure that, although it may seem stratospheric to the rest of us mortals, is still lower than the one he managed to pocket last November at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas: 3.2 million dollars.

Big numbers have accompanied Adrian Mateos since his beginnings. In his first real-money poker tournament, the San Martin native won €32,699 and defeated no less than 300 players.

Thus, Mateos began a meteoric career that took him to Enghien-les-Bains, a French town where he became the second youngest poker player in history to win the WSOPE. Adrian Mateos was 19 years old and pocketed €1,351,661 that day.

Today, his winnings amount to approximately 15 million euros.

Javier Gómez

As the saying goes, God brings them up and they stick together. Javier Gómez moved to the English capital several years ago, where he lives with Adrián Mateos. Both national and international poker stars divide their time between playing online poker and traveling around the world reaping success in live tournaments.

Born in Salamanca, Javier Gómez is one of the most famous and acclaimed professional poker players. His most famous victory took place in the Maint Event of the WPT Prague of Partypoker, where he won a prize of 175.000€, after paying a buy-in of 15.4000$.

Leo Margets

Since her stellar performance at the Maint Event of the World Series of Poker, poker player Leo Margets has positioned herself as one of the most recognized figures of Spanish poker.

So much so that in the year 2021 the Catalan got her WSOP bracelet, becoming the seventh Spanish figure to get the coveted prize. Margets was the winner out of 1,900 players and took home a pot of almost $400,000,000.

This graduate in Business Studies has become, by her own merit, the number 1 Spanish poker player since she started her career back in 2006. Currently, she combines her passion for poker with another of her great passions: sports.

Sergio Aido

Only behind Adrián Mateos, Sergio Aido is considered one of the best poker players at national level. His great fortune is due to his ability and skill in poker, a game that has given him, in just one event, a million and a half euros.

Like many other players, Aido started playing poker in the hand of the variant par excellence: Texas Hold'em. It was 2009 when he, who was destined to become the champion of the PokerStars And Monte-Carlo® Super High Roller, made his first contact with poker.

This player has confessed to be more fond of cash tables than tournaments, which he considers really tough events where it is very difficult to keep a cool head and a cool head at all times.

His fortune? Close to 13 million dollars.

Raul Mestre

Born in Valencia, Raul Mestre has conquered the Spanish public by becoming the Spanish poker player with the most followers. The poker events in which he has participated have given him a sum of $1,020,417 of which $351,524 was won in a single poker tournament.

To talk about Mestre is to talk about the world champion of the International Poker Federation. Today, he is a key figure in the training of future professional players who come to his classes to learn from one of the best Spanish poker players.

What do professional poker players have in common?

Professional poker players started in this world driven by their passion, but they stay at the top because they understood that poker is not a mere game of chance.

Skill, strategy, many hours of study, proper management of your resources and a deep knowledge of yourself are just some of the requirements that you have to fulfill to become a professional poker player.

Study and dedication

Despite what you may think, behind the large sums of money of the big prizes, there are men and women who have a great theoretical background in probabilities and mathematical calculations that allow them to make the right decisions.

Bankroll control and management

In addition to this, they are very clear that proper bankroll management is essential to prosper in poker. A bad bankroll management could ruin the career of even the most brilliant player.

Self-knowledge and control of emotions

A good poker player will never let his emotions rule him. The best players are well aware that there is a powerful enemy that could affect them greatly: tilt.

Tilt corresponds to a state of anger, frustration and rage that leads to a loss of control over the game. Recreational or less experienced players often tilt after losing a hand or suffering a bad beat.

Professional players know how to control their emotions to recover from each hit and continue playing hands in a completely rational way.

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