Ramón Colillas: a dream come true

Ramón Colillas: a dream come true

Las week we had the pleasure to visit CEP championship at Casino Barcelona and interviewing Ramón Colillas, undoubtely the it-boy of 2019. He is performance an incredible 2018 winning two national championships: the CNP888 and the CEP, whose prize was a full platinum pass for Pokerstars Bahamas PSCP. The rest is history now. Ramón went, played amazingly well and a 5 in the river made a dream come true. Veni, vidi, vici.

- Hi Ramón, thank you very much for attending. We begin with a question that you have asked many times, but it is basic for our audience. How do you start playing poker? At what age?

Must have about 18-19 years. I started playing poker with friends at the Village Bar. When we left to train soccer, we went to have dinner and then we played some games.

- Your evolution in the poker world has been very fast, has not it? First prize LIVE in the EPT 2015 and four years later 5,100,000 $, how is that assimilated?

I've been working poker for several years and a few more playing part time. I do not think it was very fast, there has just been a constant evolution during my career.

- What does your family and friends tell you when you tell them that you want to devote to full time poker?

They know me, they know how I am and throughout the years before I became a professional they already knew about this facet of mine. They have always supported me and I would like to thank them for having an open mind and not judging anything. Both my family and my partner have been very supportive to get this victory.

- 2018 has undoubtedly been your year. Champion of the Circuit CNP 888, you win trip to the WSOP of Las Vegas; Platinum Pass with the CEP, and ... bam !! My mother, it's almost impossible for 2019 to be overcome, but chips for the PokerStars pro team. What goals do you set for this year?

2018 will be a year that I will never forget. It is almost impossible to overcome it. The main objective is to represent Pokerstars in the best possible way, both in live events and online and to compete in all the most important events worldwide. On the other hand, I would also like to make known this great world of poker to many people who do not know, especially in the Hispanic community.

- We would like to know your daily poker routine, do you study a lot? What kind of training works best with you?

Yes, normally before going to work I usually study the hands of the previous day that I have marked to review, take notes of players, also technical aspects of the game. I think that constant study and not staying behind is very important.

- A tip for people who are starting?

-Very related to the previous answer. Study a lot, soak up all the information you can have and have a lot of discipline and perseverance.

-I'd like to ask you about the .FRESP. How do you see them? What do you think they still need to be able to get close to the .com level?

I think they are booming. There are more and more players, more guaranteed. Day by day is getting closer to the level of the .com, and that means that people are interested in poker and hopefully continue on this path.

- An international player that you really love? And another that is currently very top? (besides you 😉)

There are many very good players and I could not tell you one in particular, I think the level of poker players has risen a lot in recent years.

- Is there life after poker? How do you see yourself in 10 years?

Obviously, poker is a job or a hobby. I do not like to consider my life for many years, at the moment I am motivated to continue competing, wanting to continue improving and representing the dream of those who fight for what they like they can achieve.

Well Ramón, thank you very much for your attention. I hope you continue with such beautiful triumphs, and the next interview will be personal.

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