Prematch betting vs. live betting: which one suits you better?

When it comes to betting, there is an endless number of options that the user can choose to adapt his predictions to certain characteristics. This can help to improve the cost-reward balance, but without training and a thorough knowledge of what each type of bet implies, it is impossible to improve the perception of betting, regardless of its type.

In this article we are going to focus on prematch betting and live betting. Which are better? What are the advantages of each? We tell you everything you need to know to improve your options.

Prematch betting: basic characteristics

Pre-match bets or prematch bets are bets placed before the event starts. There are several time frames to face these bets: 1 minute, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month... It depends on when the user wants to bet.

This is where the time factor comes into play. A pre-match bet can be a good idea to bet in advance with a detailed analysis of the data. Developing a critical capacity is fundamental to make a proper interpretation of the data and to be able to make good decisions.

But they have a handicap: they omit the development capacity of the teams and the participants, which can modify the hierarchy of the competition and alter the decisions taken in the time lapse between the time the bet is placed and the match takes place.

This happens with bets that allow more time to elapse between the bet and the match, so it is important to be sure that the data can change the perspective of the bet if too much time elapses between the bet being placed and the match taking place.

Live bets: are they better than prematch bets?

The answer is relative. It all depends on the times you manage, how far in advance you bet and how responsive the trailing teams are.

Live betting gives a very reduced margin of maneuver, but in exchange it allows you to make the forecast based on data that takes place at the moment the match is being played, which allows the user to enjoy all the excitement of the match and make his decisions based on what he is seeing at the moment.

A pre-match bet is an ideal option to make a thorough analysis of the situation of each team and opponent, analyze their strengths and weaknesses and make a decision to make the forecast, away from the pressure and adrenaline of live events.

But too much anticipation can be counterproductive, so the perspective factor must be added. That is to say, to intuit the capacity of improvement of each team and elucidate what kind of result it can provide in the event you are betting on, taking into account the time factor.

Are live bets better than pre-match bets? Actually, no. Each type of bet provides the user with a series of advantages and disadvantages that must be clear. However, live events can give an unrealistic picture of the situation of the participants, especially considering that as an isolated event it cannot be taken as a reference. On the other hand, a prematch bet gives that panoramic view so necessary to make a proper reading of the sporting panorama, essential if you want to shape a realistic forecast.

The impact that these two types of bets have on the sports offer is also noticeable. For example, some events or matches that are available in a prematch bet may not be available for live betting. This is especially true for events where there are obstacles to live broadcasting, or where the fight for the rights has not yet been settled.

Experience as a basis for making a good prediction

Looking at the type of bet to make a better or worse prediction is not an adequate reading. What is more, what carries weight here is experience and the critical capacity to analyze data in the right way. Therefore, that is what has to be taken into account when making a good sports betting forecast.

Obviously, the type of bet has a lot to say, but a professional bettor knows when to choose and which house is best with a certain type of sport. Therefore, it is imperative that experience and background are evident in the forecasts to be able to make a good reading of the data and increase the probability of the bets.

The characteristics of the sport also have a lot to say. A soccer season is not the same as a MotoGP or Formula 1 season, where there are different thresholds of improvement, making each event unique, which affects the forecasts and the convenience of using a prematch bet or resorting to live betting.

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