Pokertracker: all about one of the best online poker softwares

The use of software tools is becoming more and more common in poker. They are an invaluable aid when analyzing data, studying post-game play and identifying the play of your opponents.

By itself, Pokertracker does not give an advantage as such, because we are talking about an online poker software designed to give guidelines and tools with which the player can be involved in its evolution. Yes, using it or not using it is noticeable, but the difference is palpable not directly in the game, but through the player's training. In other words, it is not a software to help you win, but to help you improve.

What is Pokertracker

Pokertracker is a program designed to identify your opponents' game, to know your style and the way they play, and to study your own to identify vulnerabilities and potential strengths. It is a tool that helps you improve as a player, offering you the necessary resources to be a good poker player through your own training, not by using tricks or insider trading.

Being able to do a general review after the game to identify vulnerabilities and check if you have made the right decisions is the main advantage offered by Pokertracker, considered by many as the best online poker software.

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How to get Pokertracker

Pokertracker is a software that is available for free through the official Pokertracker website and only for a 14-day free-trial. Full versions are only available for a license fee. 

There are different versions, and over the years it has become easier and easier to find outdated versions of Pokertracker that are still operational. This means that players can still access Pokertracker, even if they are outdated versions.

Obviously, the improvements have been so substantial from one version to another that it is always recommended to have the most updated version, but using the older ones can be an alternative for those who want to experience the difference between using this online poker software or not.

You will find all the information about Pokertracker and how to get it on the official Pokertracker website.

What is the price of Pokertracker

Depending on the version chosen, the price may vary. The official Pokertracker website shows the price in US dollars, but the conversion is done automatically when a card associated with a Euro account is charged.

There is Pokertracker exclusive for Hold'em, exclusive for Omaha and ambivalent, for both modalities. In turn, these three types of software have a version for small stakes and for all stakes. The versions for small stakes are the cheapest, while those compatible with all stakes increase their price.

On the Pokertracker website you can check the price of all versions and see what is included and what is not. The most complete version gives access to:

  • WYSIWYG HUD Editor.

  • Vector HUD Engine.

  • NoteTracker.

  • Custom Stats & Reports.

  • ICM and Equity Calculator.

  • LeakTracker.

  • Charts & Advanced Graphs.

  • Access to +25 poker networks.

  • All Hold'em games.

  • All 4-Card Omaha games, including tournaments.

  • Support for all stakes.

But let's get to the most interesting thing about Pokertracker: the price. The most basic versions are available for $65, while the most complete version costs $160.

Pokertracker basic configuration guide

On the net it is possible to find for Poker Tracker a tutorial with all the steps to follow to configure it correctly. It's very simple, and doesn't really feel complicated. After purchasing it, you just have to download it, follow the steps that appear on the screen so that the software is correctly installed on your system and you can start using it normally.

In any case, it is easy to use Pokertracker with a guide to take the first steps without fear. This allows those who have not been used to using a poker program to start using it without fear of mistakes. Therefore, it is advisable for those who do not have much experience in the use of these programs to use it.

On the official Pokertracker website it is possible to have a look at the technical specifications and complete features of the program.

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