Piqué wins at poker too and accumulates juicy prizes in tournaments

All those who have played poker know it. It's an exciting, fun game and one in which you can also accumulate interesting and attractive prizes. And if not, just tell it to the soccer player Gerard Piqué, who not only celebrates victories in the king of sports but also wins juicy prizes in poker, demonstrating his dominance on the green carpet.

But, do not think that the relationship Gerard Piqué Poker is recent. The Catalan has been demonstrating his skills in the game for years in the most prestigious and important tournaments. Therefore, it is not the first time we read a headline announcing that Piqué wins at poker. As we are used to, Piqué wins at this game, and he wins a lot.

We take a tour through the Catalan's career, showing his mastery in one of the games he is most passionate about, along with soccer, and which has led him to amass good amounts of money thanks to his excellent tournament participations.


The first time we saw the defender of the Catalan team playing cards, he got a place and a not inconsiderable amount of money. In fact, he finished third in the tournament, winning no less than €40,950. It was a 6-max tournament, with a buy-in of €5,000. While it may seem to us an excessive record of partition, wait until you see what he paid for the registration of the EPT Barcelona.

Such an appearance and such mastery in the game, could not go unnoticed and many were the unfavorable comments that accompanied Pique since then. And the fact is that Piqué does not hide when talking about his passion for poker, declaring himself a great fan and also becoming one of the Spanish players with more income in this game.

Showing extreme tolerance to other people's opinions, he would participate again two years later in his first WSOP Main Event, one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world of poker and in which every lover of this game would like to participate. However, the tournament ended with a participation by Piqué, of the most discreet, going virtually unnoticed.

EPT Barcelona, his greatest successes

Playing at home is always good luck, that is something that Piqué knows for sure. The EPT Barcelona, the most emblematic stop of the European Poker Tour, represents for the Barcelona native, his true ace of spades.

In 2016, he once again tasted third place, winning €2,150 in the hand of a Hiperturbo. The participation of 165 players generated a jackpot of €320,100, of which €31,700 went to him. This was the starting signal for a road full of successes for Piqué.

A year later, the event hosted by the Casino Barcelona, once again reached a final table. This tournament started with 66 players and an entry fee of €25,000. The final table was composed of 9 players. Piqué's opponents accumulated, together, more than 70 million euros in winnings playing poker.

Of the 9 participants, Piqué came in 5th place, competing against the best in the world on the green table. But the big wins were yet to come.

2019. The HR of €25,000

2018 was a year of recovery from all the accumulation of frantic games. 2019 was the year of wins.

While it is true that the trio Pique Neymar Poker has worked several times, the Brazilian has not yet dropped by Casino Barcelona to measure himself in this tournament. Although, we can discover little about the relationship Neymar Jr Poker, after the Brazilian star beat one of the best poker players in the world, Andre Akkari.

Thus, Piqué had to use his teammate, Arturo Vidal, to participate in the €25,000 HR. After facing one of the great players of live tournaments, Juan Pardo, Piqué practically multiplied by three the prize he won in 2017 of €129,000 at the EPT Barcelona. It would be, in the end Pardo who became the real dominator of the tournament, taking a whopping €491,600 into his pocket. His best live prize.

Thus, Piqué, reached the second place in the High Roller, whose participation, as we have said, was set at € 25,000. Only with the buy-in, we see that the entry to this type of tournaments is reserved for millionaires or professionals who can afford to participate in these exciting game modalities. Despite the buy-in, 70 participants generated a jackpot that exceeded 1,680,000 euros, which was distributed among the top nine finishers.

As a result of this magnificent participation and raising €352,950 in prize money, Gerard Piqué has become part of the Spanish ranking of the players who have obtained the highest live winnings, placing him at number 29 on the list. The footballer has accumulated a total of €668,155, an amount with which he has managed to overtake two classics such as Santi Terrazas or Juanma Pastor himself.

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