New VIP System for Pokerstars

Pokerstras VIP System

We recently introduced the new PartyPoker VIP System, well... Pokestars is also planning some changes. The poker room, one of the most followed in the world, has announced these changes months ago and little by little more details about it are known. We don't know an exactly date to launch it, but this VIP System will be operational in summer. Do you want to know what is it about?

New VIP System in Pokerstars

Over the years we are seeing how the poker business is suffering a transfer to the casino and sports betting. CalvinAyre, founder of Bodog, defines it as "the cannibalization of poker by the casino". Rafi Ashkenazi, CEO of Amaya, told shareholders that Pokerstars is well managing the negative dynamics of the sector, and he blames the downturn on the negative impact of currency shifts.

The main affected in these new times in the world of poker, as always: the players. Little by little they have seen their benefits reduced and we continue with this new dynamic now with a VIP System that seems to adopt models of other products like video games. Of course, the room has its version: these measures are taken to favor a healthier,  long-term sustainable, poker ecosystem that benefits recreational players.

The new Pokerstars Rewards Program is called Stars Rewards

In Pokerstars the current VIP levels will be replaced by the reward mechanisms of the new program. You can win and maintain your monthly status as usual until the launch of the new program; however, once the new program begins, all monthly statements will be replaced by the new rewards system.

Pokerstars will launch Stars Rewards in summer. This is a rewards program that will offer a complete personalized gaming experience that benefits poker, casino and sports betting players at the same time. No matter who you are, you can open the chests as you win or pick them up and open them whenever it suits you. As we have said, this program will reward you for your recent activity, not your monthly or yearly game.

Star Rewards Overview

The room explains point by point in which this program of rewards consists:

  • Excitement: Stars Rewards is designed to create excitement with a variety of rewards with randomized values. The more you play, the bigger the Chests. 

  • Big top prizes: Every time you open a Chest there's a chance that you win a big top prize. It might be $1,000 in cold hard cash, 1,000,000 StarsCoin, or a PokerStars Championship package worth thousands of dollars or, if you are a sports bettor, a big bet for an upcoming match. The top prizes will be changing on an ongoing basis, but every Chest for every player gives you the chance at a big prize.

  • Personalised rewards: Chests will offer a variety of rewards including StarsCoin, free sports bets, tournament tickets, casino instant bonuses, and more, all personalised to reflect your gameplay. For example, a tournament player will predominantly receive tournament money or tournament tickets, whereas a sports-bettor would receive free bets. You will also earn StarsCoin from Chests, and will continue to be able to redeem them in the store at the same rate for cash rebates, tickets, merchandise, and more.

  • Fasttrack your progress: You will be able to double the speed you make progress for a short period each session you play via 'boosts', designed to reward players who play more frequently and play in consecutive days.


When the new VIP System will be launched in each market? 

We will be launching Stars Rewards first in Denmark later May, with Italy planned shortly thereafter, and most other markets planned for later this summer. Pokerstars will notify players via email when we are close to launching in each market.

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