Making a living playing poker online: tips to make it happen

Are you passionate about poker? If the answer is yes, surely you have considered turning your passion into your profession.

Both the Internet and poker have become the source of income for many people who now enjoy a life in which they spend their time doing what they love. And, in addition, it allows them to live comfortably with the earnings it brings them.

But let's face it. Not everyone who has considered making a living playing online poker has achieved their goal. Winning at poker means looking beyond your own hand. It is the analysis of your opponents, of the cards on the table and of the moves that occur in each play.

If you have some experience in poker, you have won a table or two, and the idea of dedicating yourself professionally to online poker is increasingly in your head, we have gathered the best tips for you to achieve your dream. We will tell you about them below.

Tips on how to make a living playing poker online

Is it possible to make a living from online poker? This is the question that fans of this modality are asking themselves.

The truth is that, just as a basketball star once wondered if he could play in the NBA and succeeded, why can't you become a professional online poker player and make a living from it?

This analogy with sports is also useful to point out the difference between being a professional player and making money playing poker and being a player of any other sport: to make a living playing poker, you don't need to start young or be in perfect physical shape, you need practice to acquire skill and consistency.

Do you want to know how to make money playing poker online? Pay attention to the following tips.

Learn how to manage your bankroll

Poker is never how it starts, but how it ends. The administration or management of your bankroll is essential if you want to dedicate yourself professionally to online poker. In fact, it can mean the difference between a professional and a recreational player.

An inadequate management of the bankroll, that is to say, of the total amount you have to bet, can lead you to ruin. Therefore, all your investments must be consistent with your bankroll.

Start by making small bets with which you win little but sure money. As your skill in the game improves, you will make bigger and better bets, because you will have learned to manage your bankroll.

Play smart

Professional poker players know how to control their emotions very well. They leave aside impulses and hot bets, to play few hands but with great benefits.

In poker there is a term used to refer to the mental state of a player who, after playing a bad trick, loses his nerves and starts to develop an erratic and impulsive game that leads to big losses. This term is tilt, and it is a behavior to avoid at all costs.

Remember, losing a battle does not mean losing a war. After a bad move, stick to your strategy and don't let your emotions cloud your reasoning.

Mathematics is key

Although it is not a foolproof technique, knowing how to count cards allows you to be one step ahead.

Knowing how to count cards in poker allows you to know which cards in the deck can lead you to victory. In addition to counting, you have to deal with the ods and outs, that is to say, what are the probabilities that your project will or will not come to fruition.

Avoid being classified

Knowing how to identify your opponents is one of the basic subjects of poker. Are you facing a tight opponent? You will know it by his shy and very tight strategy, which leads him to develop a very conservative game, in which he hardly goes to any hand.

On the contrary, if you are facing an unpredictable and emotional player, you are probably facing a passive loose, that is, an opponent who plays many, even excessive, hands preflop and pays after the flops.

In order to avoid being classified and to prevent them from anticipating your moves or even knowing when you are bluffing, we advise you to change the pace of the game. Start with a tight strategy, selecting very well the hands you play, with tight bets and dedicate yourself to know your opponents.

In more advanced hands, "change gears" and develop a more aggressive game. Your opponents will not expect it.

Is there a lot of money to be made playing online poker?

One of the most frequently asked questions among users has to do with whether you make money playing online poker.

The answer to this question is: it depends. We all know online poker players who not only make money, but also win huge jackpots that allow them to live a more than comfortable life thanks to online poker. However, we also know that this is not the case in the vast majority of cases.

You have to be aware that making a living playing online poker is synonymous with hours and hours of study. Without going any further, one of the best professional players today, Adrian Mateos, spends between six and seven hours a day studying probability and mathematics.

It is clear that chance influences any card game. However, professional players rely on their own skills, the result of years of experience. On the other hand, talent is another of the qualities shared by those poker players who win a lot of money.

Yes, you can make money playing poker, but you have to be aware that not everyone could dedicate themselves to it professionally.

For this reason, the best approach to playing online poker is from a recreational point of view. Remember, he who plays for fun, wins for pleasure. Develop a responsible game and enjoy this exciting game.

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