Interview to Liv Boeree

Interview with Liv Boeree, PokerStars Ambassadors

Back in the PokerStars Barcelona European Poker Tour we had the opportunity to interview the English PokerStars ambassador Liv Boeree. We talked to the three times female of the year at the European Poker awards about her career, ups and downs and success and we were amazed about how honestly she was to us. Keep on reading to discover more about this huge poker player. 
-Hi, Liv. First of all congratulations for yours 6th place at the €10.300 NLH HR of the Pokerstars European Poker Tour of Barcelona. 
-Thanks! It's a nice thing 'cause unfortunately I'm only here for a few days and I actually final tabled that one last years I forgot! So I did a little better than last year, and yes, so happy!
-You have a degree in university in astrophysics but even though you decide to start a career in poker. How it comes?
-Well it comes kind of a weird accident really. I was meaning to continue in physics but I decided to take the summer off t I started applying for sort of like the game shows and one of the shows taught me how to play poker I just fell in love with the game. It was like this is the best game ever! Get to play against the boys in an event, you know it is incredibly challenging as all these different things you have to think about, like math and science... So many different skill sets against. And then yeah, after playing some very low level for few years was like, "I think I really want to make a thing of  this.I want to become the best professional that I can be". And then eight years later here I am.
-What was the name of this show you started at?
-It was a very small show, it was called "The ultimate poker show down". Fortunately it's not on Youtube, there are no videos of it. But it was fun, it was my first time on TV.
-How old were you back then?
-I was 21, 13 years ago.
-You have been 13 years in poker, you started doing well, you went on your own and after a while you become PokerStars ambassador. What are the main differences between going on your own or becoming part of a team?
-I love being part of team pro. It's like a support group. We have these guys in an event who make sure that you're ok. Also, you know all these opporturnities that come from it,and the sort of fun:  TV shows and celebrities things that you get to do...It's also the prestige, you know? I'm  incredibly proud to represent the brand and to be able to wear the patch and be a part of the team. It's  a pretty unique feeling in poker 'cause it's not like a team game so it's sort of special. 
-Can I ask you for your day to day life? Do you still practive every day and do coachings and trainings?
-Not that much right now. Like I'm dating Igor, who is one of the very bests and he and I discuss stratgey- Like before this final table we were doing some examining the situations and so on, like I do a bit of that to keep my game but I this summer for example, I didn't really play much poker I was focusing on some other things so I didn't really have the time to brush up, so coming here and playing for the first time in a while, was like WOW... but I think when you have a certain base level of skill you can like learn to adapt and also I think that I'm playing pretty much the best poker in the last couple of years right now.
-We totally agree on that. I would like to ask you for any special badbeat that you can remember
-Loosing with fifteen left in the WSOPE, in like 2011, the one that Phil Hellmuth ended up winning like o1.5 million euros, fifteen left so I got into a this big,big pot which would have got me to the final table,  with ace-queen against ace-ten and the river was a ten. I would never forget that one. I would've at least final table it and it would have an article that yeah I  you remember them but at the same time remembering badbeats is less useful that remember the times when you play badly because then at least those you can learn from. Lamenting over something over something you can't controle doesn't achieve anything. So I try not to think about that except for that one, I alwas remember that one (laughs)
-A piece of advice would you give to someone who wants to start a career on poker
-Right, my advice would be is play the game as an amateur as long as you can is always possible to just double check that you really enjoy it but also be a good at you are good at because you need to play a lot to conclusively know, get an idea of your skill and if you can find a way to play and keep your normal day job, play as much as you want as well. That's the best because then you have the security and you still get to play all the parts of the game. But, that said, if you have long enough record that you are profitable and you are good, then I guess satellites, I mean I got my self started playing satellites again I didn't have the bankroll to play these main events and so always satellited my way in that how I won San Remo. Yeah I think that's the way to go, satellites are great value and they teach you how to play short stack as well. 
-Have you ever had these big periods of bad luck, where luck was just not coming or you were being really really unlucky with cards?
-Yeah, yeah, I had them twice. I guess the most memmorable was in 2013 and there were like things in my life that weren't going pretty well and on top of that I think I didn't cash in 33 tournaments in a row or something like that, statistically very,very unlikely yeah. I'm sure I probaly wasn't playing as well as I should be but plus the bad luck and it was rough, it was really rough and you spend a lot of time like doubting yourself, like "what am I doing?" but what you have to do during that? Is make notes of all the things you're not sure about, all the hands of you're unsure, check with professionals and if they keep coming "Oh no I would have done exactly the same thing" then you have to go "ok I'm being unlucky" and statistically some one has to be the really unlucky one and same statiscally some one has to be Phill Helmuth on the other end, has to be the luckiest.
So just remember that there's like this sort of belt of probabilities and sometimes your're in the middle of it,sometimes you're lucky and sometimes you are unlucky and the hard part is to find out which part of it is down to your bad playing and which part of it is actually down to bad luck.
-Ok, so thank you so much. It's been a pleasure and avvery nice talking and we hope you will be doing so great in the future.
-Thank you, I really appreciate that.

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