How much do you earn playing poker?

One of the most common questions among poker players is how much you win playing poker. And the answer could be a lot of money if you know how to play and nothing if you don't know how to play. But that would be the simplest answer and we want to give you the explanations you are looking for.

How many players make money playing poker?

Although it is always thought that the vast majority of players make money, the truth is that it is not so.

As we have been able to verify, only 10% or so of the players can win money in a continuous way. In other words, the rest of the players do not make money in the long term. They may win a few games, but not in the medium and long term. For that reason, when you do the numbers, you don't have to look at one game session, you have to average it out and see if you have really won or lost.

If we focus on the 10%, we realize that these are not just any players. They are players who have many years of experience and are dedicated to this professionally. With that we want you to know that making money playing poker is not easy. It is not to arrive, sit down and get rich. You are going to be up against great players who will not make it easy for you.

Within this range we can find three types of players:

  • Super winners: they are the most famous because they win almost everything. They are millionaires and enjoy a life full of whims.
  • Professional players: they are the ones who win games and the average allows them to have a solvent and comfortable life. They are not rich, but at least they can enjoy a good quality of life thanks to poker.
  • Players: are those who win from time to time. They do not earn enough money to make a living from poker, but in return they can earn extra income to meet unexpected expenses or to save.

What is clear is that players who make a living from poker are professional players who make great efforts to improve themselves and beat their rivals. It is true that they have a very good quality of life, but they also have to work for it.

How much can a professional poker player earn?

It depends on each player and the number of tournaments in which he participates. To get an idea, the players who win the most take it as a job, hence winning is necessary to have their monthly income.

To calculate the earnings of a player, what is done is to measure with the Winrate. This measurement is done in a different way. It is not the same Winrate of a live Cash, online or a tournament.

To get an idea, the Winrate is the amount of money won per hour and that is measured through Big Blinds (bb). For example, a bb on a $100 table would be one dollar. While a $500 table would have a bb of five dollars. As you can imagine, the bb calculation is really simple.

To understand everything better, let's show you an example:

A player playing 5 hours a day for 5 days a week. As the month has four weeks, then we could see that he has played a total of 100 hours. The calculation would be 5x5x4=100 hours.

Assuming that the player has won in the month 3000 euros in tables of 200 euros, then we can see that the Winrate is 30 euros per hour. The calculation would be 3000/100=30 euros per hour. Or what comes to the same thing, he would get an equivalent of 15bb. You get half the bb because the bb of the table we have calculated with 2 euros.

That means that to see which player wins more, you just have to perform the calculation that we have shown above. This way you can have the numbers you are looking for.

How does the Winrate of players vary?

Analyzing the best players we realize that the Winrate varies mainly through two factors.

  • Player's ability: the player's ability to adapt to changes in the game.
  • Ability of the opponents: it is the ability of the opponents to adapt to the game and its development.

To improve the Winrate level, it is recommended that the skill be high. And to achieve a high skill, it is not only necessary to have a high power of concentration, it is also essential to study and practice for hours. There is no key that makes a person a professional from one day to the next. It is necessary to insist and with time the skill level will improve.

Remember, for a poker player to win money it is essential that others lose. For that reason it is vital that the player's skill is as high as possible and that the opponents' skill is as low as possible.

How much money can I win if I want to play poker?

We cannot give you a final answer. Everything will depend on your skill and the skill of your opponents. It is true that you can win if you are good, but you can also lose it if your opponents have a higher skill level.

For that reason, to increase your skill level it is vital to take into account the following requirements:

  • Free time: you need to have time to study and play. The more time you invest in poker, the easier it is to acquire a higher level of skill.
  • Lifestyle: if you have a simple lifestyle, it will be easier for you to make a living with poker. Remember, in order to play you will also have to invest, hence lifestyle is fundamental when it comes to getting your head into this world.
  • Effort: it is vital to strive every day to improve your skill level.

If you manage to improve your skill level through effort, you will be able to make a living from poker. But remember, effort is vital to get good results. 

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