Grinder in online poker: all about the best way to increase your bankroll

If you are a poker fan you have probably heard about grinders, how good they are and how great they are at creating strategies to increase your bankroll safely. If this information has reached your ears, you probably think that you also want to be a grinder. But how do you do that?

Let's start with the basics. Grinding in poker is something possible for all types of players, it doesn't depend on abilities or resources. Do you like what you read? Then read on...

Grindear: meaning and relevance in poker

To understand what is "grind" or "grind" in poker, it is first recommended that you know what is the action of grind. A grinder in poker basically becomes a professional, dedicates his time to it and, as in a job, spends hours playing, analyzing how to be more productive. Caution and regularity are what rule his day to day at the tables.

Not only is he a very experienced player who has gained a tremendous advantage thanks to the baggage he accumulates, but he is a type of player who will always prioritize safe play. That's the only way he could make a living from poker, and that's why they are such tough opponents: because they know all the tricks and beating them can be difficult.

Having made poker their way of life, grinders spend several hours a day playing poker. Something like their working day, since it is their way of earning income. Consistency is their base, but in order to earn the part of the money they need to live, they require skill, so they are not going to take a gamble at the drop of a hat.

A grinder's game has three basic characteristics:

  • He plays without taking risks. The basis of a grinder is not to take risks, and to do so he relies on a rather conservative style of play. You won't see him make spectacular moves or risk everything from one moment to the next: his strategy is different, moving forward step by step and obtaining small victories.
  • His gains are slow but steady. What you can win is related to what you bet, and that is why a grinder obtains small but very numerous winnings. The intention of these players is to win small jackpots steadily, not risking a lot of money. As time goes by, they can obtain higher rewards, but gradually and without risking too much.
  • Veterans tend to play in multi-table. For a grinder, a poker table is something similar to a job. The more tables he can cover, the greater the reward. Of course, this is only done by some very experienced grinders. For a grinder with not too much experience, the MTT routine is difficult, because it has more variation in general, and more failures, than the cash routine. What drives the grinder is volume. More profit in less time. MTTs are usually for veteran players who get bored in the grinder and are looking for thrills.

Grinder: literal translation and tips on how to become a grinder

Although the word "grinder" actually has many translations, in poker it refers to the figure who gradually harvests small but numerous winnings. Therefore, the action of "grindear" or "grind" is used as a synonym for collecting small pots very steadily. A strategy that is nothing but a very specific method to fulfill the goal of every poker player: to win and add money.

If you want to grind in poker, you will have to follow a series of specific actions to change your way of playing in order to get the results you expect.

Grinders play almost programmatically. Their system of bets, calls and so on is already predefined. The problem with grinders is that they do not usually dedicate as much time as other players to analysis, but they use a predetermined strategy that they apply to each of the games. This leads to a problem: their mistakes are often repetitive. However, they have the ability to take them on mathematically. The point is that in the end the percentage of the day is positive.

On the other hand, even if you are very sure that you are carrying out your strategy as planned, it is important to keep an eye on your bankroll. Yes, grind in poker seeks precisely to increase it, but it never hurts to keep it under control. Keeping bets small is elementary to play safe.

Another crucial aspect to be able to grind in poker is to play in multi-table games. As we mentioned before, it is much better to play in this format since the more hands you play, the more likely you are to win... if you keep a conservative style of play.

Grinders become grinders when they begin to understand who they are playing against and how they should play cards, positions and bets. They know how to detect the fish, but at the same time, they avoid falling into traps by aggressive play, even if the prey seems easy. They avoid their own and others' traps. They are, in short, regular players, confident and not given to emotion.

In poker, grind has a particularly relevant meaning for those players who want to play it safe. It is a way of life, the way of the poker warrior: the grinder sleeps regularly, exercises, takes care of his diet, keeps a schedule and takes care of his body and is interested in the elements that, like the chair or ergonomic keyboards, can give him comfort in the long hours of online "work".

The grinder's life revolves around the philosophy of a strategy based on ensuring a regular income, fleeing from the poetics and heroics of big tournaments and jackpots or bets with disproportionate profits, which could entail, in turn, great risks and losses.

It is a strategy that is designed for the patient and that, worked in the right way and with the necessary discipline and regularity, can make the light player a professional who makes a living from poker.

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