Deuce in tennis: what happens to your bet in case of a tie?

Along with soccer, tennis is one of the most popular sports worldwide, and in the field of sports betting it has a strong presence in all markets and platforms. Bookmakers always consider it one of the key sports for their operation, and it has very dynamic modes that encourage live bets, combined bets and the most conservative plays, so it is a sport in which everyone has a place.

In this article we are going to talk about tennis deuce betting, a betting segment that offers many options and is extremely unpredictable, as anything can happen. Let's see what these bets consist of.

Deuce: meaning and what it means in tennis

Tennis deuce betting has a clear meaning: it is betting on a tie at 40. In a tennis match, when both players tie at 40, the term "deuce" comes to the fore. The term comes from the need that, at that point, to beat the opponent it is not necessary to get a point advantage, but two, and consecutively. The first point is to obtain the advantage, and the second to break the tie.

The advantage after the deuce in tennis occurs when one of the two tennis players manages to win the first of the two points needed to win. If one of the participants achieves the first advantage point and fails to win the second point consecutively, the process restarts until one of the two players manages to obtain the advantage point and the winning point.

This adds more pressure on the players, but allows for more excitement in the match. From a fan's point of view, it is a good idea. Also, from the sports betting point of view, since the deuce is a key element that brings something different, one more element to play with and to be able to obtain additional profits in the bets.

Live betting on tennis and the "deuce": everything you need to know

Tennis is a sport that should preferably be followed live in order to be able to place sports bets. Its great pace and the peculiarities of the moment make it a sport in which live betting takes on a special meaning.

In addition, the deuce takes place at specific moments that can be lost outside of a live bet. With that in mind, it is highly advisable to bet always following the match live, which will not give a strategic advantage and will allow us to play with the deuce in our forecasts.

In tennis, the result can change drastically in a few minutes. Moreover, considering that the deuce offers us a huge number of variants to bet on, following it live is highly recommended.

Mainly, the deuce gives us the option of betting in several situations. Three are the most common and that we can use to widen our profit margin in our forecast:

  • Betting that the next game goes to deuce.
  • Betting that the player who serves wins the deuce.
  • Betting that the player who subtracts wins the deuce.

There are other options, but betting on the deuce in tennis should focus on these three assumptions, since the odds according to the historical records of tennis matches show that these are the options with the highest winning volume.

The option to bet on the next game going to deuce allows you to select the option that, in the next game, the next game will go to deuce to resolve the tie. Therefore, you are betting that, in the next game, both opponents will tie at 40. It is one of the best predictions because we are not committing ourselves to choose a winning player, but we are saying that both players will tie at 40 in the next game. In addition, its odds are very tight and occur with some regularity.

The option of betting on the winner of the deuce who serves allows to play in favor of the player who serves the deuce, regardless of whether he/she comes with an advantage or if he/she comes back. In most of the cases, the tennis players who serve to the deuce start with a slight advantage and end up winning, but everything depends on the player, because there are experts in coming back from inferior positions.

On the other hand, the option of betting that the rest wins the deuce refers to the tennis player who does not serve. He starts with a disadvantage, but he can be an expert in turning the tables. Here, knowledge of the different styles of play is extremely important, and there are those who are specialists in reversing these disadvantageous situations. Knowing them will allow us to make more accurate predictions.

As you can see, the deuce has a special meaning in tennis and gives a touch of freshness to sports betting, always focused on winners and fixed results. The deuce plays in the middle of the road and allows betting on grayer options, with more nuances, and taking the right risks.

The deuce is one of the most attractive elements for tennis and sports betting fans, since the players can turn the situation around at any time and both have an equal chance of winning.

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