5 sports betting forums in Spanish that you should know about

Among sports betting fans, it is common to create communication channels to exchange impressions and share opinions about a common hobby. But not all of them are equally good nor do they offer the same tools to users, besides the fact that each one has a different community of followers and this is what often determines the suitability of a forum.

If you want to know which are some of the best sports betting forums, keep reading because we have compiled some of the best ones you can find today.

The best sports betting forum: which one is it?

Although everyone may feel more comfortable in one type of forum than another, the Apuestas Deportivas forum is one of the best rated forums in Spanish.

The fact that it has one of the largest and most experienced communities makes it perfect for sports betting fans looking for a digital space where they can share their impressions or ideas about upcoming sporting events.

Its moderation system and its rules of coexistence are another of the strengths of its forum because they are strictly enforced, ensuring the preservation of respectful and fluid communication and allowing new users to be welcome and enjoy a safe space free of misplaced comments.

As a sports betting forum, it is one of the most complete. It is also an ideal space for training, with shared video blogs and threads created for practically all sports on which it is possible to place bets.

Other sports betting forums of interest

If you are interested in basketball, ACB has one of the most complete and specialized forums. It is somewhat restrictive in that it is a forum where other sports do not have a place. It is ideal for those who focus on basketball when it comes to betting, and the truth is that it has an extensive administration group that is responsible for keeping the forum free of trash content.

As of today, it has more than 160,000 active users, more than 430,000 topics and the number of messages posted is close to 30 million.

It is structured in four sections: the forums, which allow to open a general discussion topic around basketball; Más Baloncesto, which has specific spaces for the NBA, local and regional teams and FEB competitions; Juegos, which allows to create or join private leagues, and Comunidad ACB, where it has begun to open the door to other sports but which focuses mainly on subforums of secondary topics, as well as on the disclosure of the flea market and other archives.

If your thing is sports betting as a whole and you want to contribute something new about any game or sport, you may be interested in the Todo Apuestas forum. Not only does it have numerous threads where almost any sport is discussed: it also has specific information for those sports betting fans new to the forum who are eager to continue learning about their favorite sports or games.

If you are looking for something else, you might be interested in the PTC forums. This is a place where sports betting, learning, the possibility of winning money and discussion of topics of debate are combined.

Although lately it has been more geared towards online gambling than sports betting, these forums emerged as a meeting place for betting enthusiasts who showed an interest in joining pay-per-click sites to earn extra money.

It doesn't fit all user profiles, since many aren't looking to generate income from clicks - more like sharing opinions or exploring trending discussion topics - but it can be a good option if you're looking for a hodgepodge of spaces agglomerated in a single forum.

Finally, if you like tennis, you should visit El Foro Del Tenis, which has almost 20,000 active users and more than 1,200,000 messages, making it the reference forum for fans of sports betting on this sport.

Its structure is quite clear and has a space called Let's Talk Tennis that invites the community to contribute opinions and content on the latest news of the sport. You can give your opinion on everything: tennis players, clubs, referees, plays... It is by far the largest and busiest section.

The space "Tennis Tournaments" has specific threads for ATP Tournaments, Grand Slams, Olympic Games, Exhibitions and others, creating a series of subtopics of great interest.

If what you want is to share your experience about materials and tennis equipment, in the "Materials" area you can publish your feelings or ask for advice from the rest of the forum members. It has a lot of multimedia content and also discusses games or tennis books that may interest you.

The Forum, Games and Contests and Free Zone areas are complementary. The Forum has almost 25,000 messages and is an area for the presentation of new users, mainly used for veterans to welcome newcomers who introduce themselves here.

The Games and Contests section has a strong recreational component, and has sweepstakes in which any user can participate.

Finally, in the Free Zone, off-topic topics, various subtopics and even other sports or topics unrelated to sports betting can be discussed, encouraging communication between users beyond the sport.

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