Cash Out Poker: advantages and disadvantages of all in cash out

In poker, cash out is the concept that refers to a withdrawal before the end of the game. It is an auxiliary resource that allows any player to withdraw his money before the end of the game.

It is a great option that allows you to regret your move or minimize damage if you perceive that the game is going against you. Instead of waiting for the game to end, which is always more costly and agonizing, an all in cash out allows you to recover a good part of the money bet.

And this, apart from being beneficial for the player himself, promotes the show and encourages participants to take more risks when playing, making them bet on less conservative plays.

Advantages of Cash Out Poker

Like everything else, cash out in poker has its pros and cons. The main advantage of the all in cash out is that it allows us to recover part of the money bet before the round ends, which avoids having to wait until the end to see how, simply, everything bet vanishes.

Although it is a play that penalizes recovering the money early, this handicap is very small and is tremendously beneficial for the player, who can see back almost all of his bet when everything has turned against him.

Another interesting advantage: the cash out allows you to play, even if you are not sure of the bet. Under normal conditions, if you don't have all the necessary indications, you avoid playing so as not to expose your bankroll to a bad play. But with the option granted by the all in cash out, it is possible to bet knowing that, if we sense that the game is not going to go well, we can execute the early withdrawal of the bet.

In addition, cash out provides enormous flexibility during the game. It is even normal to see some early cash out, something that usually happens for two reasons: when you have the feeling of fighting against the tide and are holding a bet that is already lost, or when you have that what was a good play, is likely to be uncovered on later streets.

In both cases, a cash out is justified and it will be possible to minimize the damage compared to the only possible alternative if the game is not favorable: to see how little by little the loss of the total bet is sentenced.

Whether or not a player decides to make an all in cash out only affects him, and in no case has any repercussions on the bankroll of the other players.

Disadvantages Cash Out Poker

But, despite the potential advantages of a cash out in poker, it should not be forgotten that this move has certain handicaps. For example, despite what it may seem, it is an option that penalizes impatient players.

Patience should not be confused with caution. Be careful, because if you see that the game is going against you, most players will choose to withdraw their bet money early. And this is not always the best thing to do, because there is always a percentage of the money that is lost.

It is important to resort to cash out only when the fact that we are going to lose is clear. Because, misused, a cash out can encourage laziness and uneasiness. After all, instead of looking for a way out, one chooses to withdraw and forget about the problem, and in the long run this affects the player's winrate and statistics. The losses accumulated by abusing cash out in poker can be considerable.

Another handicap: rake. Some poker rooms that offer the option to make an all in cash out penalize players who ask for their money back with too high rakes. Be careful about this, because you may not be compensated for facing an excessively high rake if your bet is not completely lost. It is a matter of weighing the risk.

Poker, as always, rewards those who take the right risks. That's why you should avoid turning a useful resource to increase your BRM into a comfortable option that ends up inhibiting your real chances of playing. Think of it another way: if all players were impatient and had the cash out option at hand, at the slightest bluff they smelled they would run to ask for their money back. And that, clearly, is wrong.

On the other hand, not all rooms have the possibility of cashing out. Although in online poker this is becoming more and more popular, it is not yet widespread worldwide. Therefore, if you want to play with the security cushion provided by the possibility of cash out, you should look for specific rooms where it is specified that there is such a possibility.

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