Bookmakers that do not limit: are there any in Spain?

Limitations are one of the main pitfalls that professional bettors have to overcome when making their predictions. We are talking about restrictions that are variable and depend on each bookmaker, so knowing the limitation policies of each bookie is essential in order not to find ourselves with a limit to our bets that will upset our forecasts.

The truth is that there is no bookmaker that does not limit. Contrary to what it may seem, these measures are taken for the benefit of users, with the main objective of creating a healthy environment for bettors.

Why bookmakers limit you

To reduce your losses. It is as simple as that. The fact that a bookmaker sets a maximum limit for betting only responds to the fact that the bookmaker wants to make sure that, in case of having to pay you a prize, the house's coffers will not be compromised because of that disbursement.

The losses that a bookie can face must be calculated and must be within a safe range that guarantees the solvency of the house.

Although it is understandable why bookmakers limit their users, it is necessary to make sure that these limitations are logical. Because if a bookie goes too far when it comes to limiting players, we would be talking about an abusive measure that would prevent users from winning higher prizes to which they could opt for in other bookmakers. Something that ends up being counterproductive and that would put the bookmaker in an uncomfortable position for exceeding the limits.

Betting house limits

If we are betting at a bookmaker and it limits us, we must not lose our nerves. If it ruins our expectations, keep in mind that in some countries the offer of bookmakers is very wide and you have several dozens of alternatives to look for one that does not limit, or that limits within less restrictive margins.

As always, it is all a matter of looking at odds, markets and varieties to choose the one that interests you the most.

If we see that in our gaming account there is a limitation applied, it means that the bookmaker has applied a limit to us in particular. It is necessary to distinguish between the limits that a bookie carries out at a general level (the so-called general market limits), and the personal limits, which are reflected in the user's account.

The limits are executed according to the same pattern: the less important the event, the smaller the maximum bet set. This is intended to maintain a balance and prevent users from placing illogical bets, such as placing 8.000 euros on a Third Division match. This is something that the bookie simply will not allow.

One thing to be clear about is that the limits applied by a bookmaker will in no case lead to an absolute restriction on your bets. That is to say, even the user with limits applied to his user account will be able to continue betting, although only the amounts that the bookie allows.

All this leads to a logical question: what if we do not want to bet with limits? Are there bookmakers that do not limit, or limit very little? The answer is yes, but with nuances. There are no bookmakers that do not limit, that is almost unfeasible, but there are bookies that limit less than the rest. We will tell you what they are.

Which bookmakers limit the least in Spain

Taking into account the limits applied by the bookmakers, the top 5 bookmakers with the lowest limits in Spain are as follows:

  • William Hill. Although William Hill does set limits both to users and to certain events and markets, they do it at great speed (the user knows it before), giving a greater margin of time to the player in case he/she wants to look for alternatives for the same event. In addition, exchange bets have a great incidence here.

  • PAF. As a general rule, PAF establishes in its agreements a minimum bet of 0.10 € and a maximum bet of 1.000 €. However, it specifies that each event or market may have different margins to which the user will have to adapt. Even so, it is one of the bookies with the lowest betting limits.

  • Betfair. Betfair is another of the bookmakers that least limits when it comes to making predictions. Although the limits vary depending on the event and type of market, on average the limitations are lower than in other bookies operating.

  • Luckia. Luckia is one of the veterans and is known for being dedicated to face-to-face sports betting until 2012. Its market share has risen since they made the leap to online sports betting, and although it applies some limits to bets, it is one of the lowest.

  • Betway. In Betway, the limits can be made according to a specific number of bets per day, as it happens with the pre-match bets, or by establishing a maximum limit to the total amount bet.

Some of these rooms also have additional incentives when playing through Habwin, so the user is doubly benefited: not only can enjoy betting with fewer limitations, but also, for betting through Habwin, the user enjoys exclusive rewards, can get Habcoins to redeem for prizes in the Habstore and has at its disposal the best selection of bookmakers.

Other bookmakers with higher limits accessible through Habwin if you play from Spain are Versus, Mr. Green, AdmiralBet and Betsson, which also offer extra rewards for accessing through Habwin and placing your bets in their rooms.

Are there betting rooms that do not limit? They do not limit anything at all, since limits are a way to safeguard the bookie's position in the market, and their first objective is to preserve its integrity. But there are a number of bookies, such as those mentioned above, that do limit less than the average compared to other bookmakers operating.

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