Blackjack rules

Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is one of the most entertaining games that you can play face to face or online. It has just a few rules and because of this, there are a lot of players all year long in every single moment.
If you are a person that always wanted to know everything about blackjack and you are willing to start playing online casinos, we are going to show you what the rules are in this game in order to know how to play properly.

What are the rules of blackjack? 

The interesting thing about this card game, unlike others, it can be learned in a couple of minutes, although you should know that not everything is as simple as it looks. You can start playing as soon as you read this article with blackjack basic rules, however, this does not mean that you will win all the games. That’s something that it will happen to you as soon as you understand the underlying theme of the games and how to find out the cards that are presented to you and the one that the dealer may have. 

The first thing you must know is blackjack has a few game modes, having a very similar aim among the different modes: To defeat the bank. If you compare blackjack games with one player and more players, the difference is in the latest, you can find out what probabilities are remaining according to what you have in hand and also according to what the dealer and the rest of the players are showing.

The first blackjack rule is about the ante –it has a minimum and a maximum amount- depending on the cards you get. Once you have placed the bet, you will have two revealed cards in front of you (or in front of every player), that means that their values are going to be visible for all of you and the bank. Beginners are usually more focused on the cards in front of them, but it is very important to be sure of the cards that the rest of players may have, because in the next turn you will be able to ask for a new card, so those cards that already are on the table are not going to be given to you, so you can calculate the possibilities to get the card that you are waiting for. 

As we told you above, the aim is to win over the bank and there are many ways to get that. One of the ways to win is to get more points than the bank, but your points mustn’t be above 21 points. If you have 22 points or more, all the money that you have placed will be removed. The bank can also get more than 21 points. If the latest happens, the bank will lose and you will get the money that has been placed. 

It’s very important for you to understand the rules of the game or the blackjack version that you are going to play because sometimes it has happened that a player is thinking about a different game or version than the one that he was playing. So it is very important to know and read the rules and conditions before starting the game and betting, in order to avoid any confusion.

How to play blackjack

The best hand you can have, of course, is called blackjack, when you get a score of 21 points, being the highest number you can or you must get. This will not ensure the final victory, if another player also has this combination, you will have to share the money. 

In order to get a blackjack in the first hand, when the dealer puts two cards in front of you, he has to show an Ace and next to it a card that has a value of ten, which will be the Kings, Queens, Jacks and cards that have a value of 10. This could be the perfect hand, because you will not have to ask for a card or take risks, it is just a matter of luck. If this is done in a second or third hand, you will have to be careful of not exceeding the value that has been given to you. Although in general the Ace very often has the highest value, which is 11, in blackjack it can also have the value of 1, depending on what the player is most comfortable with at the time. 

Regarding the prizes, in general in all modes, the ratio of charging 1 to 1 will be respected. This means if your bet has been 40 chips, for instance, you will receive exactly this number of chips, but always adding the ante that you have placed. If your ante has been 40, in case you win, you will receive 80 chips. 

If the bank has the same score, there will be a draw, which means that no one will win and therefore, the money you bet will be returned, and you won’t get any prize.

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