What is 1x2 in betting?

The 1x2 in betting refers to one of the types of bets that can be included in the predictions of a soccer match. The 1x2 is also known in betting as "Match Winner". But what does 1x2 mean in soccer betting?

And we talk about soccer matches because it is closely associated with this sport, but the 1x2 can be used in any sport. In some sports, such as basketball or tennis, the X is not used, since a draw is not a valid result.

What does 1x2 mean in sports betting?

The code is very simple: 1x2 in betting refers to three possible outcomes:

  • 1: Home team wins.
  • X: Draw.
  • 2: Away team wins.

To each of the elements (1, X and 2) corresponds an odd that serves to deduce the potential profit of the bet. So far so clear. But what happens when the match is played in a neutral stadium?

In these cases, there is no such thing as an away team and a home team. This type of matches, for example, Euro or World Cup matches, are played on neutral ground and there is no home or away team as such. However, this is not a problem because there is always a designated Team 1 and Team 2. You just have to know which is the designation of each team to place your bets.

An important aspect is that the 1x3 in betting only considers the regulation time of a match. In the case of soccer, for example, it only takes into account the 90 minutes, plus the possible 2 additional minutes that can be added. But it does not take into account extra time or penalty shootouts. It is important to take into account the type of bet we are making when it comes to qualifying matches or finals.

There are other factors that can alter the final result and that we should certainly take into account in betting. The corners, the exact scores, the possibility of goals or not in the first 45 minutes, the yellow or red cards, etc. These are all elements that must be taken into account and that can alter the outcome of the match. Therefore, it is necessary to know the sport well and try to find out what will be the incidence of these factors on the outcome of the match.

Tips for half-time betting

One of the most useful tips to try to increase the chances of winning your bets is to try to have at hand a series of elements to know well the protagonists of the match. Players, style of play, statistics, win-loss balance, player categorization, etc....

All this will allow you to try to manage several scenarios and to choose the most likely one to shape your bet. Take into account the form of each player, what is the balance of the season of each team and even what is your hit ratio with the study of these data, as it is an element more worthy of study to try to gather as much information as possible about the protagonists of the match.

Keep in mind that to bet on the winner you have time until almost the end. It is true that the odds are displayed even before the start of the match, but nothing deprives you from trying to close the bet just before the end of the match. Of course, it is quite possible that the odds have nothing to do with each other from one day to the next.

But keep in mind that betting on the winner at halftime or at the end of the match adds an extra difficulty to the bet. And, if you want to discover new thrills, maybe live betting is for you. Who knows?

What about 1x2 combination bets?

Now that you know what 1x2 in sports betting is, you have everything you need to make a proper reading of what these digits mean. But the possibilities of 1x2 betting go beyond that.

A 1x2 bet is an evolution of the betting pool, which is the combination of 15 1x2 bets. In other words: it is a huge and gigantic combined bet in which you have to match the results of the 15 games that appear on the ticket to be eligible to win the maximum prize.

So, yes: it is possible to choose 1x2 combo bets. These allow you to choose two or more sporting events and bet on them in order to multiply the odds offered, with the aim of trying to opt for a higher prize, playing the same amount.

The main difficulty of 1x2 combined bets is that they require to match all the odds on the betting sheet in order to win. Therefore, be careful with the matches you choose, because the fewer the number of matches in a multiple bet, the easier it will be to get the result right.

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