The best tipsters in Spain

Tipsters are sports forecasters, specialized in a specific market and in a specific type of sport. They play a crucial role in the world of sports betting thanks to their capabilities. In fact, for many users they are the reference when placing their bets, so they have a certain influence.

In this post we have gathered those who are considered some of the best tipsters in Spain. Having them located and identified is never a bad idea, if you are looking for additional information to make your forecasts taking into account the perception of a professional tipster. 

Given the online nature of the sector, nowadays tipsters in Spain do not have their own name, but represent a training or entity specialized in making forecasts for sports betting, being some of the best options to take into account the essential data and the reading that these tipsters make of a particular event.

Who is the best tipster in Spain?

Although it has as its biggest handicap the fact that it does not have live forecasts, “Casa de Apuestas” has become practically the best tipster in Spain at present.

Thanks to its role in the matches of the Copa del Rey, the Champions League, the La Liga and in sports such as basketball, the Super Bowl, cycling or even in musical events such as Eurovision, it enjoys a popularity that few can match.

It has a wide variety of picks, does not require registration, has a web channel and another via Telegram... it is very accessible, as well as complete.

For others, however, PensApuestas, which has been active since 2010, is the best option because it has several specialized tipsters, and has an unparalleled sports variety. In addition, it offers extra incentives thanks to the launching of occasional challenges, and those who want to can access a VIP channel by subscription.

The best tipsters in Spain, with names and surnames

Have you heard of Josemmabet? This is the name by which one of the best sports tipsters of all time in Spain is known. With his seniority, he has specialized in La Liga matches, and has been active since 2010 in this segment, which he now also dominates. He is a safe bet for soccer matches.

For other sports, you have to look at other names. In basketball, for example, NBASpain is number 1. It shares its recommendations live, either through the web or on its Telegram channel, being the best alternative for basketball lovers.

The same happens with other sports, such as baseball, which have tipsters of the stature of MLBscorer Picks in Spain. It is ideal for those who love the American leagues, where baseball is a mass sport. It has been active since 2010 and is the best there is in Spain at the moment for baseball betting.

In addition to the specific tipsters, who provide interesting feedback on the sports they dominate in order to place bets, there are cross tipsters who have a thorough knowledge of the betting industry in various markets.

Thanks to them you can have important data and references on different sporting events to make forecasts with a greater capacity for analysis, improving the odds and making the training is also enhanced, since it is the user who ultimately ends up learning to bet better and make more appropriate use of the data.

WinEver is another of the best-known names in the national tipster scene. The best tipsters in Spain have one thing in common: they do not impose limits on themselves to train and specialize in other sports, and that is exactly what characterizes this tipster who offers help to all users who want to give an extra boost to their sports betting.

Why use a tipster?

Tipsters are figures, individuals or trained as an entity, who specialize in one or more sports and who are a reference for those who want to place their sports bets. The data provided by these tipsters can be extremely useful for accurate forecasts, helping to maximize the user's options.

With this short list, we hope to have helped you, at least, to identify some of the best tipsters. Spain is one of the countries in Europe where sports betting is more widespread among sports fans, and that requires training and specialization, two of the strengths of tipsters that can favor in the short and medium term the expectations of those who want to make their forecasts and lack the specialization that these figures do have.

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