Spread betting: everything you need to know

Spread betting, or spread betting, is betting that offers many possibilities and can help to increase your profit margin. It is based on speculation on the total number of actions that will take place in a sporting event.

What is spread betting?

Spread betting is a method of betting on sports betting that allows you to try to predict the number of times a play will take place in a sporting event. Unlike many bets, spread betting does not focus on wins, but on other events related to the game.

It is a way for fans to diversify the types of bets they have in front of them in an attempt to find profitability for their hobby. In fact, sports betting on the winning margin is an incentive for those who do not only want to focus on wins and losses, and is usually the preferred type of betting for fans of a sport they know well. The strategy is diversified and can be complemented with other types of betting, translating knowledge into enjoyment, and enjoyment into money.

In spread betting, the user has to decide whether the number of times an action will take place in a specific event is more or less than a pre-set margin. For example, we can be talking about cards in football, direct fouls by a tennis player, retirements in Formula 1... aspects related to the development of the event that go beyond winning or losing.

How does spread betting work?

The dynamics of spread betting are essentially the same as in any other type of betting. And, as with almost any kind of betting, a mathematical formula can be used to calculate the winnings.

In spread betting you can calculate the winning and losing bet, but be careful not to mess with the formulas, because you can get several values and should not confuse them.

The basic difference is whether we buy the bet or sell it. In both cases, we can calculate the winning and losing bet.

If we buy the bet

  • Calculate the winning bet

Winnings = Bet x (Total Shares - Highest Margin Value)

  • Calculate the losing bet

Loss = Bet x (Highest Margin Value - Total Shares)


If we sell the bet

  • Calculate the winning bet

Profit = Bet x (Lowest Margin Value - Total Shares)

  • Calculate the losing bet

Losses = Bet x (Total Shares - Lowest Margin Value)

Spread Betting: key aspects

Now that you know what spread betting is, there are several key aspects to bear in mind when placing your spread bets.

  • It allows you to bet on more than just the win or loss.
  • You can calculate your profit and loss, whether you buy or sell.
  • They allow you to diversify outcomes and are complementary to other types of betting.
  • They are different from winning margin bets.
  • You can calculate the margin that a bookmaker applies to an event, but you need to know the odds of all possible outcomes.
  • The spread betting market is open 24/7, which is why it is known as "the market that never sleeps".
  • It is very easy to place a spread bet: just select the target market, place the bet and confirm the prediction.

What are winning margin bets?

A winning margin bet allows the user to try to guess the exact number of points by which one of the teams or players will win. In other words, if in a football match we believe that the difference between the two teams will be 2 goals, we can bet on that result.

This is a very common type of bet on sporting events with commonly low numerical values. For example, in football it is very common to talk about 1-0, 2-0 or 3-0 victories, and any higher value is usually extraordinary. However, in other sports such as Formula 1, we are talking about points, where the margin is very variable and it is almost never profitable to place this type of bet.

In winning margin betting it is important to know the balance of goals scored and goals conceded. And, to try to bet more accurately, it is useful to analyze what the margin of the teams has been in the last few weeks. This will give you information that, although not transcendental, can be very valuable to determine what the trend may be.

The dynamics of winning margin betting are very simple. Normally, all bookmakers provide punters with a table that specifies the name of the teams and the number that indicates the winning margin, a value that is accompanied by the corresponding odds. All you have to do is choose the most attractive option and bet on it.

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